The president said they are preparing an economic recovery plan and on Sunday he will advance the guidelines. “We are going to recover, we are going to be safe and sound.”

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He reiterated his appreciation to the Mexican population for the effort they are making in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“They are helping a lot with their exemplary behavior”, expressed during the morning conference this Friday.

“It is an acknowledgment to all, because the measures are being carried out, people are at home, they are only going out for basic, essential issues,” he added.

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The federal president also thanked the doctors, specialists and nurses, who are preparing, training, helping in the health emergency.

At the same time, thanked the entrepreneurs and members of the Association of Banks of Mexico for the support they have offered.

“In a very special way, thank them because the majority decided that their workers should retire, they did not fire them and they continue to pay their salaries and continue to maintain their benefits. That is a great support, “he said.

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López Obrador once again said that the crisis Mexico will go through due to Covid-19 and the world economic environment will be transitory.

“We will move forward. It is a bad time. We will recover, we will be safe and sound. The economy will be reactivated and confidence, joy, happiness in our people will return, “he said.

The president indicated that in the federal government all are applied full time to attend to the situation, that they are preparing very well and are not trusting. He also announced that they are already preparing the plan for economic recovery.

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“On Sunday I will advance the basic guidelines and we will continue together with the purpose of asserting that the Fourth Transformation of public life in the country becomes a reality. Despite the regrets, the transformation is going, and we will no longer return to the dark times of the empire of corruption and of impunity, that was left behind forever ”, he pointed out.