The trans labor quota seeks to be a national law and was included in the extraordinary sessions

The project of Law for the Promotion of Access to Formal Employment for Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgender Persons « Diana Sacayán – Lohana Berkins » It was enabled for treatment in the legislative agenda for the extraordinary sessions scheduled until February 28, according to the provisions of the Executive Power from an expansion of the agenda.

He trans job vacancy for the national public administration has already been instituted by decree the September 4th, becoming one of the main affirmative rights policies developed during the first year of the government of Alberto Fernandez on sexual diversity and a conquest of organizations LGBTIQ + that is part of the path traced by the equal marriage and the Gender Identity Law.

The initiative later entered Congress as a project, where on October 8 it obtained an opinion from commissions in Deputies (Women and Diversity, Labor Legislation and Budget and Finance) and since then he awaits his treatment in the enclosure.

LGBTIQ + Organizations Celebrate Treatment

The Campaign for a National Law of Quota and Labor Inclusion Transvestite that brings together more than 200 LGBTIQ + organizations across the country, « saluted » that the National Executive Power has included the bill on the legislative agenda for the extraordinary sessions scheduled until February 28 and demanded its approval.

« It is a historical claim of the trans transvestite collective of Argentina which, when approved, will oblige the three powers of the national State to adopt, as a measure of positive action, a 1% job quota aimed at trans people and to implement public policies aimed at achieving effective labor inclusion of trans transvestite people in the private sector through fiscal incentives and support for productive projects in the popular trans transvestite economy in order to promote real equality of opportunities ”, they said through a statement.

The Campaign highlighted that the treatment and approval of this norm in Congress “becomes even more relevant in the current context of pandemic that aggravated the conditions of exclusion and historical and structural violence experienced by the trans population and that requires urgent attention”.

For this reason, while they “salute the decision of the President of the Nation” that “confirms their commitment to the human rights of the entire LGBTIQ + community”, They also“ appeal to the commitment to the human rights of the national deputies and deputies to begin to reverse decades of violence and discrimination ”towards the trans community.

The national deputy for the Frente de Todos Gabriela Estevez it also celebrated the inclusion of the bill on the agenda of special sessions.

« It is a historical debt of democracy that we will make law comrades, this year it will be with Trans labor inclusion for everyone « , he assured Estevez via Twitter.

What does the decree of trans and transvestite quota says

He decree 721/2020 of last September 4 established that jobs in the national public sector « They must be occupied in a proportion not less than 1% », for « transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people who meet the necessary » suitability conditions, « whether or not they have carried out the registration rectification of sex and the change of first name and image. »

It also stipulated that « reservations of jobs must be established to be occupied exclusively » by trans people and that this « in no case should imply the cessation of existing labor relations. »

The standard also created a Interministerial Coordination Unit (UCI) responsible for developing the necessary conditions for compliance with the standard and its observation and a Voluntary Annotation Record for trans people aspiring to enter the national public sector, soon to be launched.

The decree additionally provided that « the educational completion requirement cannot be an obstacle to entry and permanence in employment, » which is why Those who have not completed basic education may enter « on the condition that they complete the missing educational level or levels and complete them. »

The Campaign for a National Law of Quota and Labor Inclusion Transvestite is made up of the Pride and Struggle Front, the LGBTIQ + League of the Provinces and the Federal Trans and Travesti Argentina Convocation.

Access the trans quota for the public sector

To access the job quota, the Registry of Transvestites, Transsexuals or Transgender Persons for applicants to work in the national public sector.

People transvestites, transsexuals and transgender who wish to register in the Registry must:

Enter the closed form available on the website of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity on the site Complete the information on the form. Read and accept the « Terms and Conditions » of the Registry.

The data entered will have the character of an affidavit.

The data that must be completed are:

Identification Contact Education Occupation Skills and aptitudes Work experience Knowledge and courses

More information in: