September 15 may be the day to celebrate the national holidays, but Star Wars fans can add more to the festivities because the trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian is online and previews new and intriguing possibilities to the journey of the bounty hunter and the famous Baby Yoda.

Prior to its multiple Emmy Award nominations, the first season had already become a hit in popular culture and among fans of the galactic saga. Its more adult approach, the introduction of new characters and especially the revelation of a creature similar to Yoda but with less years, positioned it as one of the most successful television series.

It is still too early to predict what awaits us in the new adventures of the character played by Pedro Pascal, but the new advance and the images previously revealed assure us that we will meet new characters, a new enemy and that the central character will go in search of a group of « wizards » called Jedi.

Jon Favreau is the showrunner of the series and the main creative behind this new expansion of the Star Wars universe, but this time the also Netflix director Sam Hargrave joins the team, who worked as deputy director especially for the action sequences planned for the second installment that are supposed to be bigger, bold and exciting.

In addition to the expansion of characters, the story will reach new dimensions, very similar to Game of Thrones

« As we introduce other characters, there are opportunities to follow different stories, » said Jon Favreau. « The world was really captivated by Game of Thrones and how it evolved as the characters followed different paths and that is something very attractive to me as part of the audience. »

On October 30, the Mandalorian will return to the Disney Plus screens in the United States and some parts of Europe, but Mexico will be able to enjoy all the episodes of both the first and second seasons, when the platform makes its debut in our territory. next November 17.

Original title: The Mandalorian

Year: 2020


Actors: Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano

Release date:October 30, 2020 (US)

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