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Without a doubt, El Chavo del Ocho is a phenomenon of Mexican television, as it has been one of the favorite programs of young and old for decades.

Part of its great success is due to the unique characters, since all of them had characteristic stamps that left a legacy that lasts to this day.

Several episodes of the show have caused controversy among viewers for various reasons, but there would be one in particular that never came to light with which Chespirito would supposedly end the series in a tragic way and here we tell you what it would be about.

Although the story of Chavo del Ocho does not really have an ending as such, many people associate the song “Qué bonita barrio” with the ending of Chavo; However, the last chapter as an independent program was broadcast in 1980 and is called “Doña Florinda’s Washing Machine”, although this does not end the story.

From then until 1992, El Chavo del Ocho continued to be broadcast in small skits within the Chespirito program, but most of these narrated scenes that had already been told, only changing some dialogues and replacing Don Ramón and Quico in the scenes. .

What was the tragic ending that never aired?

The creator of the series, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, had a finale planned to end with El Chavo del Ocho; However, this never saw the light, because in reality it was somewhat tragic.

According to the site, Bolaños planned that Chavo would be killed by a car trying to save a child, and although the scenes of the dead child would not be recorded, it was intended to record the characters of the neighborhood crying disconsolate and dismissing Chavo ; with this the comedian intended to convey a message of love about the nobility and goodness of the protagonist.

It was thanks to the intervention of Graciela Gómez Fernández, daughter of the producer, that this ending was never realized, this because Graciela, who was studying psychology, convinced her father that ending the story in this way would have a devastating effect on viewers, mainly children.

Why did Chavo del 8 end?

Despite having enjoyed incredible success and international fame in the seventies, Chavo del Ocho suffered with the departure of Ramón Valdés and Carlos Villagrán, who gave life to two of the most beloved characters in the cast.

Even without them, the series continued to be created until 1992, when, due to alleged problems between María Antonieta de las Nieves and Chespirito, it finally ended.

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