Today, May 22, we commemorate the day of Santa Rita de Casia, the patron saint of impossible causes, who lived a life of adversities and tribulations.

According to ACI Prensa, Santa Rita He did not have a simple life. Although she was an obedient daughter, and a faithful wife, she was physically mistreated by her husband.

Not only that, he saw one of his sons die, but his love and devotion to God accomplished the impossible; the conversion of the husband, so she became known as the como Saint of the impossible ”and the Patron Saint of the needy.

Who was Santa Rita?

Santa Rita was born in 1381, in Italy, at the time of expansion, conquests and rebellions. Although she and her parents were illiterate, God is said to have given the Saint the grace to read.

The Saint wanted to be religious, but her parents chose a husband for her and she obediently accepted the will of her parents.

After 20 years of suffering and mistreatment by her own husband, he was converted and Santa Rita forgave him; Thus they both came closer to the life of faith. Before long, they killed the Saint’s husband.

After the death of her husband, Santa Rita She wanted to enter the convent of the Augustinian sisters, but since she had been married it was not easy.

One night when he was praying, he heard a knock on his door; when he opened he saw Saint Augustine, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino and Saint John the Baptist, of whom she was very devoted.

They asked him to follow them, and after walking some streets, Santa Rita she felt herself rise into the air and was pushed toward Cassia, until she was above the Monastery of Santa María Magdalena.

Immediately, he fell into an ecstasy and when he came to, he was inside the Monastery, so the Augustinian nuns no longer denied him entry to the community.

According to ACI Prensa, Santa Rita received the stigmas and the crown of thorns marks on his head. Unlike other saints with this gift, the sores on her smelled rotten and she had to live in isolation for many years.

After a long and painful illness, Santa Rita died in 1457 and his body remains incorrupt.

The Prayer to Santa Rita:

Oh mighty Santa Rita,

called a lawyer for desperate cases,

succor in the last hope,

refuge and salvation in pain,

that leads to the abyss of crime

and of despair:

with all confidence in your heavenly power,

I turn to you in the difficult and unforeseen case

that painfully oppresses my heart.

Tell me, oh Santa Rita, won’t you help me?

Won’t you console me

Are you going to take your gaze and your pity away from my heart,

so extremely troubled?

You also know what martyrdom of the heart is,

so extremely troubled!

For the atrocious sorrows, for the bitter tears

that you holy spilled, come to my aid.

Speak, pray, intercede for me, I don’t dare to do it,

to the Heart of God, Father of mercy

and source of all consolation, and get me the grace I desire

(indicate the desired grace here).

Presented you are sure to hear me:

and I will use this favor to improve my life and my habits,

to sing on earth and in heaven

divine mercies.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

With information from ACI Press.

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