The tragedy does not stop, the daughter of the leader of Patrol 81 takes her own life

The tragedy does not stop, the daughter of the leader of Patrol 81 is killed (INSTAGRAM)

The tragedy does not stop, the daughter of the leader of Patrol 81 takes her own life | INSTAGRAM

Only three months have passed since Jose Angel Medina, leader of the musical group Patrulla 81, lost his life due to complications due to c0vid-19, recently, various media have reported that his daughter Alma Medina Gámiz, he lost his life too.

Also, in social media the group has hung a black bow in mourning for this unpleasant event.

It all began in the last hours, when information began to spread that the daughter of José Ángel Medina had taken her own life almost three months after the painful loss of his father, the singer of Patrol 81.

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The daughter of mexican musician She was identified as 41-year-old Alma Rosa Medina Gámiz, who was suffering from laryngeal cancer at the time of making the decision to end her life.

It turns out that Alma was found dead inside her home located on Cerro del Sacrificio street in Fraccionamiento Lomas, she was found by her relatives, while she was tied by a rope around her neck.

It was the same family members who called the Red Cross, however, the paramedics could no longer do anything about it, because unfortunately he no longer had vital signs.

The events were reported to the emergency teams around 4 in the afternoon, local time, later, elements of the Crime Investigation Police went to the place of the discovery to open the corresponding investigation folder and clarify the fact.

It should be mentioned that José Ángel’s daughter had shared controversial messages through Facebook, in which she implied that she had problems with her brother, apparently due to inheritance problems.
Now, both the Duranguense group and its family are in mourning again after this tragic incident has been reported.

Among the details that are known so far is that Alma Medina Gámiz moved to Mexico City last December where she also tested positive for the virus, and everything seems to indicate that she remained there for two weeks and then returned to her native Durango.

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In the official social networks of the band an image was posted with a black bow as a sign of mourning, and in the same way, in those of José Ángel Medina Gámiz, son of the singer and current leader of the band, although it should be noted that, in no case was it specified that it was due to the death of Alma Medina Gámiz.

In the Facebook profile that exists under his name you can still read the last publication he made and which is dated February 17, in the message he apparently portrays a family discord that involved his mother and sister: “This is how they are done gossip, like wildfire. I got to see my mother and my sister wouldn’t let me see her, who knows how much she claimed because when she starts arguing she talks very quickly. Total: I told her ‘if she’s sick, give it to me to take her to the doc (doctor) ‘and he said again’ you’re not going to see her! ‘

That same day he published another message in which he assured that if she lost her life, “they would not even go to my funeral.” In that Facebook account, several of his friends have left their condolences.