Belinda was romantically involved with Giovani Dos Santos, Lupillo and Criss Angel (Photo: Instagram @ oficialgio / @ lupilloriveraofficial / @ crissangel / @ belindapop)

Belinda has remained in the center of the spotlight in recent days after her new romantic relationship was revealed: the singer and actress has given herself a new chance in love with the regional music singer Christian Nodal, her partner from the La Voz México program, whom she met last year during the awards ceremony where a romance was glimpsed in door.

The new courtship immediately positioned itself in the bookmarks of social networks, where users turned to compliments, compliments and congratulations for the new couple; although there were those who remembered the previous courtships that the young artist has had of Spanish descent and Mexican upbringing, especially that fleeting affair he had with fellow performer Lupillo Rivera, who has shown his affection for « Beli » on several occasions.

Last year, the brother of the remembered « band diva » revealed that for Belinda he felt a very intense love that also emerged on the television forum. “I met Belinda at La Voz. She was a woman that I loved madly, that I really wanted. Honestly it would have been lowered by the sky and the stars. He had never loved a woman so much. I don’t have to crack « , declared to the program Gossip no like. In addition, he made it clear that he will always protect her and speak well of her because « she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. »

Belinda and Lupillo RIvera worked together in La Voz de TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram)

I have always protected her from all things, I have always spoken super well of her, I will never speak ill of her. All my life I will protect her. If I look bad … people have told me that I was begging them, well, it’s okay, I was begging them … if I see myself as the in love and the spiteful, the in love and the spiteful I am. I think that’s what a gentleman does, he always protects the girl

By the time he gave this statement, in October 2019, his relationship with Belinda had already ended, but the so-called « toro del corrido » he carries on his skin a reminder of the woman he loved. The singer became a trend when a photograph was released showing the face of a woman tattooed on his left arm; cornered by the media and with the confirmation that they had had a relationship, Lupillo affirmed that it was Belinda’s face and assured that he would not remove the tattoo.

« No no no. I promised her and gave her my word that I was not going to remove the tattoo that a boy made me in Las Vegas (…) As I said, we were talking about her fans having tattoos of her and she told me « You don’t get a tattoo on my face, » and I said, « Oh, of course. My friends have Marilyn Monroe and I have Belinda ‘”, expressed Ventaneando.

« El toro del corrido » had Belinda’s face tattooed in Las Vegas (Photo: File)

But Lupillo is not the only man Belinda left a mark to remember, because the American illusionist Criss Angel, with whom the singer was related between 2016 and 2017, also made a design in honor of her.

The magician shared that the word « Beli » was tattooed on his left chest, on the side of his heart, as a symbolism of his love for the interpreter of Boba, a nice girl. After a few months of apparently happy relationship, Criss assured in various media that Belinda had only been with him to promote a music video and implying an alleged interest economic.

« Don’t listen to your heart, listen to your inner voice, I should have listened. Love does not come with a price, honesty must always exist, lying about who you are or who I am does not make it true. That choice cost me millions, which enriched the true master of deception”, He expressed referring to the singer. After the controversy, Beli rejected the statements of her ex and did not want to talk more about the issue.

The illusionist Criss Angel tattooed Belinda’s apocope on his chest (Photo: File)

In 2009, Belinda got involved with soccer player Giovani Dos Santos, with whom he starred in a mediatic relationship in which the constant was the so-called « Beliseñal »: the athlete hit his forearm to his forehead every time he scored a goal with his team at that time Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League.

The forward made the gesture dedicated to his girlfriend, who affectionately called him « Michunichi », on different occasions, and it was not until Gio was summoned by coach Javier Aguirre to the Mexican National Team for the Gold Cup, that the couple made their romance public. « When they see that Giovani puts his fist to his forehead to celebrate a goal, he is dedicating it to me »At that time, he told the journalist Alejandro Cacho on the Joaquín López Dóriga newscast.

The romance did not prosper due to rumors of infidelity, due to the geographical distance, since he, as an international athlete, developed his life in Europe; For her part, Belinda was recording the telenovela Camaleones in Mexico and promoting the launch of her album Carpe Diem, projects that kept her very busy.

The « Beliseñal » was the hallmark of his relationship with Dos Santos (Photo: Archive)

It seemed that the distance wreaked havoc on the relationship and finally the couple distanced themselves, as Belinda announced on Twitter on May 2, 2010, about a photo shoot for a magazine:

« Good Morning. I just saw Caras magazine! The photos are amazing, I just want to tell you that I did them a while ago and the content of the information about my relationship with Giovani now is different… Our relationship ended … Work, distance … We are friends now. Thank you ”, he expressed to the surprise of his audience.


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