The first note of optimism in the midst of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic within the NBA and in all professional and university sports in the United States came from the hand of the Dallas Mavericks owner, who said the competition could return in May.

03/26/2020 at 06:00


While the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver has June as the most likely date that the activity will somehow return to the regular season competitionCuban in an interview he gave to the Dallas WFAA television channel said his assessment was based on information from professionals.

“They are people of high medical standing who I have spoken to at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)) and other places on the spectrum of the medical and scientific world, “Cuban said.

In addition, Cuban was categorical in pointing out that restarting the NBA competition It could help bring people together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The owner of the Mavericks analyzed that the date of mid-May would be as indicated in order to return to normality within the NBA world.

“Hopefully in mid-May we start to get back to normal and the NBA is playing, maybe not with fans in the stands of the fields, but playing, “Cuban specified.

They have another idea

But from the commissioner Silver to other NBA managers, the date that they have established as probable for the return to the competition will not be until the middle of the month of June.

“Sport plays such an important role”, Cuban indicated. “People want something they can support, join in, get excited about and if the Mavericks and the NBA in general can get out there and start playing in May to be on television, sports is what we need now,” Cuban said.

The NBA suspended the season indefinitely on March 11 after the Utah Jazz center, Frenchman Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus.

Silver, it was barely two hours after he met Gobert’s positive result, who was being held in an Oklahoma City hotel, to give the order to suspend the competition that same day, in which six games were scheduled and only four could be completed.

Since then, at least nine other players, including teammate shooting guard Donoan Mitchell, and star forward Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, have also tested positive for the coronovirus.

Three other workers at the Philadelphia Sixers and one of the Denver Nuggets have also tested positive for the coronavirus that develops the deadly COVID-19 disease.

Cuban reiterated that he was more than ever proud of the way the league returned to act in a crisis situation, which also served as a model not only for the rest of professional and university sports in the United States but throughout the world.

By Sonia Salazar