The tour where Daft Punk revolutionized electronic concerts

When we think of electronic music, the great concerts that DJs and producers present live inevitably come to mind. In recent years it has become common for them to put on a show where their songs are accompanied by dazzling visuals and games of lights that blow your mind, but a couple of robots were the ones who completely innovated and revolutionized this game: Daft Punk.

Although it sounds incredible, until a few years ago electronic acts were still niche. Although they had very brave fans who followed them wherever they went, the reality is that they played in very small places and that were often hidden, little by little they had more space within the huge panorama of festivals and stages worldwide, but the bomb exploded when Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo reached the desert of Indio, California.

The production of 'Tron 3' with Daft Punk in the score is again a possibilityThe production of 'Tron 3' with Daft Punk in the score is again a possibility

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Daft Punk joins Coachella 2006

In 2006 and to everyone’s surprise, an event occurred that changed the history of music in general. In that year, epic poster announced for Coachella, headed by names the size of Depeche Mode, Madonna, Tool, Massive Attack, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Rós and many more. However, they did not expect two robots would be the ones that would steal that edition of the festival, Daft Punk.

The French duo was scheduled to play at the Sahara Tent, which in recent years had gained fame for being the space where the party was armed with electronic artists. But no one was prepared for what was to come Well, this pair went on stage to leave with their mouths open to those lucky ones who had the opportunity to see them live, and incidentally change the game completely.

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The show that changed everything

Night came in Indio and the tent was filled with thousands of euphoric people who They were gathered in that place to witness the expected Daft Punk show. Nobody had any idea what was going to happen, because despite the fact that since the launch of Discovery in 2001 we saw them wear their helmets, Although it was not known if they would go on stage like this or flat, Guy-Manuel and Thomas would show their faces to the entire audience.

The lights went out, the intro of Close Encounters sounded and out of nowhere, a black blanket fell that revealed a huge pyramid from which two robots emerged at the top that began to throw hits like “Robot Rock”, “One More Time”, “Around The World”, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” that they mixed with other of their songs. However, in addition to the setlist, what caught our attention was the enormous show they put on.


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The revolutionary pyramid of robots

The pyramid not only served as an ornament for the French duo to play all these beats through different sophisticated audio equipment. They had an impressive play of lights that danced to the rhythm of their songs and screens that projected a lot of visuals never seen before. The media that reviewed that presentation at Coachella agreed that it was a before and after at the festival.

Fortunately this show did not stay in the California desert. Thomas and Guy-Manuel decided to embark on a world tour, Alive 2007, which passed everywhere, where they gave their audience the opportunity to live this once in a lifetime experience. Undoubtedly, as a result of this, they changed the lives of those who witnessed this moment, but above all they influenced other artists to try to do the same.

Alive 2007: The tour where Daft Punk revolutionized electronic concertsAlive 2007: The tour where Daft Punk revolutionized electronic concerts

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Why was this tour important?

It is important to remember that before 2000, the festivals didn’t have the huge LED screens we see now and the huge production on stage. As if this were not enough, the concerts in which DJs and producers were involved had a bad reputation, since one sector had them stereotyped as a space where debauchery reigned and in which thousands of young people took advantage of music to consume drugs and commit crimes .

That is why Daft Punk’s tour was a real milestone. It is not just us who say it, in the Coachella documentary, important characters in this genre such as Steve Aoki They mentioned that without this show they might not have dared to appear in front of an audience, but above all set a precedent for how commercial electronic concerts had to be done, attracting thousands of people through an audiovisual show.

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After that tour, festivals like EDC, Tomorowland and many more worldwide, They tried to imitate the proposal of the robots, mounting visuals, screens, fireworks and productions that seemed to be made for movies. However, and despite the fact that technology has advanced a lot since then, no one will be able to match or exceed what the French duo did between 2006 and 2007.