The Tour looks for the fan who caused the fall to report her

06/27/2021 at 3:36 AM CEST

The Tour de France organization wants to locate the fan who this Saturday caused a serious fall in the peloton to denounce it. The woman, whose identity is unknown although it is believed that she could be German, displayed a banner as the cyclists passed by, without noticing that it was invading the space of the road. One of the runners hit the sign and fell to the ground, taking dozens of cyclists with him. The banner read ‘Allez Opi Omi’, which in Spanish could be translated as ‘Let’s go grandfather and grandmother’. In a later video you can see the woman on the shoulder, apparently indifferent to the damage caused.

The Finisterre Gendarmerie, department through which the stage passed, launched an appeal to identify the viewer, at the same time he announced the opening of an investigation for involuntary injuries that lead to a significant sick leave.

He added that the viewer left the place before the arrival of the agents and he remembered that he was wearing sunglasses, blue jeans, a blue and red striped T-shirt, and a yellow raincoat. The gendarmes asked for any information that could lead to your location and arrest.

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