Ruben Álvarez González is a 13-year-old Laviana boy who dreams of being a singer. Tune singer. He does not have idols Bad bunny or Maluma. His favorite song is « Soi mineru llangreanu » and he admires Jose Antonio Gonzalez « Cantu la Vara » and Nando agüeros. And of course his grandfather Manuel González Buelga « El Tordu ». He was the one who encouraged Rubén, when he was only six years old, to participate in Asturian song competitions. The boy was talented. Almost two million Spaniards were able to verify it last Monday in front of their screens, in the performance on the « Idol Kids » program.

The Lavianés moved the public and the jury -formed by Isabel Pantoja, Edurne and Carlos Jean– with his interpretation of « Asturias Patria Querida ». Not only for his voice, but also for a self-confidence and a sympathy that he wastes in abundance. « If I had nerves? I was cagáu, but it’s normal. Being on TV and in front of a jury like that is impressive, » he recounted yesterday at his home in Laviana with his sister Carla and his parents Rebeca and Rubén.

He sent a video to the contest singing a piece of tune, but the organization asked him to interpret the « Asturias dear homeland », because it was better known to the general public. « I was the only Asturian who made it to the final round in Madrid. It was not the song I wanted, but I was proud to defend Asturias. And happy to have my family there supporting me. »

The pre-recorded bagpipe base had to slow down and he was about to play a trick on Rubén, who had a little hesitation from which he was able to recover. « I had never sung with a base underneath. In competitions I’m used to the bagpipe following me. In acting I didn’t think about anything. I just said to myself: ‘Rubén, listen to the bagpipe, do it well and don’t mess it up. » he explains humorously.

The Lavianés obtained the unanimous backing of the jury and broad support from the public. Surely he will continue to cultivate his dream of being a singer. His family and Laviana already have another « Tordu ».

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