The tool that will allow you to leave a video call discreetly

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More than a pandemic year later, many Spaniards continue to telecommute and make video calls with family and friends to alleviate the distance. What at first was a lifeline in the absence of physical contact, has become a real headache for some.

In fact, there are already studies that indicate that it is normal for people who make video calls regularly to suffer from exhaustion and fed up. That is why a tool has already been born so that you can escape discreetly: Zoom Escaper.

This new feature is a free widget with a wide library of audios that imitate insufferable sounds so you can tell your colleagues that you are leaving the video call to try to solve it. There is everything from construction sites to dog barking and baby crying.

In the specialized portal The Verge they have analyzed them all and recommend a classic: connection problems. The effect mimics audio glitches, causing the speaker’s voice to be choppy, making it very easy to slip away.

To use it, you simply have to download a software called VB-Audio and in the Zoom audio settings panel, change the microphone to VB-Audio, to reproduce the effects of Zoom Escaper.

The creator of this widget is Sam Lavigne, an artist who is also responsible for Zoom Deleter, an application that tracks your computer and if it detects the Zoom application, it removes it.


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