The Tokyo Stock Exchange rallies more than 2% in the middle of the session

Tokyo, May 18 (EFE) .- The Tokyo Stock Exchange reached the mid-session pause today with an advance of 2.08% in its main indicator, the Nikkei, and thus recovered part of the losses of previous days driven by the bargain hunting.

The Nikkei closed the first trading tranche with a rise of 577.81 points, to 28,402.64 integers, while the broader Topix index, which groups the securities with the highest capitalization, those in the first section, ended with a gain of 28.36 points or 1.51%, up to 1,907.22 integers.

The Tokyo stock market showed a clear upward trend since the opening, encouraged by the search for market opportunities among investors, after the fall of 0.9% the day before and the losses that predominated last week.

Investors seemed to regain confidence thanks to the acceleration of the vaccination rate in Japan, and despite the publication today of the data of the gross domestic product from January to March, which shows a contraction of 1.9% year-on-year.

The sectors that led the gains were insurance, non-ferrous metals and steel.

The advances of the technological giant and reference value of Tokyo Softbank, of 2.4%, and that of the largest Japanese vehicle manufacturer, Toyota Motor, of 1.94% stand out.

The textile multinational Fast Retailing, owner of the clothing store chain Uniqlo, advanced 3.11% in the middle of the session.

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