Philip Morris and British American Tobacco to invest more than $ 115 million

These figures have not been seen since 2011 and the trend is increasing.

Tobacco brands have increased their investment by way of advertising in the Formula 1 teams. A recent report points out that the revenues of the teams thanks to the sponsorships of the industry have grown to levels of the year 2011 and will maintain this upward trend in 2020.

The FIA ​​banned explicit tobacco advertising in 2007However, the teams have managed to ‘camouflage’ the logos and messages of the tobacco industry. How did they do it? Partnering with brand research teams to cover up their purpose by advertising ‘smoke-free’ products.

Right now on the grid we have two cases that stand out notably: Ferrari and McLaren. Italians advertise the tobacco shop Philip Morris, whose president is the executive director of Scuderia. And the British have logos of the British American Tobacco company.

Of course, they are an important source of income for both teams. But they are also a puzzle in some countries where a Grand Prix is ​​held and anti-smoking laws prohibit this type of advertising. Ferrari has had to withdraw logos from Philip Morris’ ‘Mission Winnow’ campaign repeatedly.

Despite this, tobacco brands continue to bet on Formula 1 to expand to as many audiences as possible to get more sales. A report produced by the tobacco control agency ‘STOP’ and the company Formula Money estimates that the industry spent more than $ 100 million advertising on the Grand Circus.

Figures never seen before since the 2011 season, when most brands decided to abandon Formula 1 due to the large number of restrictions. And the most surprising thing about this report is that the trend is growing and in 2020 Ferrari and McLaren will receive $ 115 million from their respective sponsors.

The World Health Organization is aware of these numbers and many other initiatives in favor of tobacco use around the world. The head of health of the organism warns of the dangers of these campaigns.

We cannot back down in the fight against tobacco. Promoting these products to new users, especially younger users, can harm future generations, “said Ruediger Krech.

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