Roger Federer He once again showed his most reflective facet in an interview with the German newspaper ‘Zeit’ in which he revealed who his references were but, above all, he talked about his future in this sport of racket. And the Swiss, champion of 20 Grand Slams, did it clairvoyantly.


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“At first I was only concerned with health, but now I really miss the feeling of playing in a crowded stadium. I know that the time to retire is getting closer and I think I’m going to miss the circuit a lot. I must be patient and keep working. It would have been easy for me to retire at this juncture, but I want to continue giving myself the opportunity to enjoy tennis, “admitted the Swiss who has already finished the season and will not compete again until 2021.


In addition, the Basel player also had moments to reflect on what his rivalry with Rafael Nadal. “When I met him he surprised me because he was very shy off the court and you saw him compete … and the aggressiveness with which he played was incredible. There was a lot of rivalry between us and sometimes it was not easy. We have had great duels, but we always respected each other and knew that we were referents of many people and represented our beloved sport. Our families get along very well, we always congratulate each other’s triumphs


“I became a tennis player thanks to Boris Becker, I loved his style, although then my favorite was always Stefan Edberg. Also the Hingis hatch caught me when I was young and I really enjoyed his feats of earliness. A sportsman who has always been inspiring to me is Michael Jordan “ends Federer.