The thrill of a Grand Prix

If you need adrenaline and sports, we are able to offer you the best entertainment offers.

The emotion of the motor sports attracts millions of people in front of the television, the most fortunate and fortunate see it in the front row feeling the smell of burnt rubber, but it is not the only way to get into the excitement of the roaring engines, since offers such as those proposed Formula 1: The thrill of a Grand Prix, bring us closer to the interior and the back room of one of the most important circuses in world sport.

Formula 1 The thrill of a Grand Prix is ​​as addictive as it is intense.

Since we know you want the best recommendations, take a look at this list with series of pure adrenaline, in this article we are going to offer you so much series What films related to the motor world, especially four-wheelers, and that will make you enjoy the beauty.

Content similar to Formula 1: The excitement of a Grand Prix, the best alternatives

You won’t be able to avoid hitting titles like Rush, series where ramshackle cars are rebuilt, as in From junkyard to glory, or content about motorsport myths such as Fangio: The man who tamed machines.

RushMcLaren: A Champion’s RaceHitting the apexGo KartsFrom Junkyard to GloryFangio: The Man Who Tamed MachinesBorning: Asphalt on FireThe 24-Hour War


James hunt and Niki Lauda, starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl respectively, had a rivalry worthy of motorsport back in the 70’s. This film tells their stories, starting from a career in the crystal palace circuit in England, and their high competitiveness until they reach the top of the F1 teams, Mclaren and Ferrari.

Year: 2013 Genre: Drama Duration: 123 minutes

McLaren: The Race of a Champion

Everyone is known, at least if you are passionate about Formula 1, that Mclaren It has always been one of the leading teams in this sport, but I imagine that few and few will know the story behind this surname, whose protagonist is named Bruce. East racing driver, inventor and designer has been one of those responsible for changing the engine in recent decades and this movie will tell you discover her figure.

Year: 2017 Genre: Biography Duration: 92 minutes

Hitting the apex

We change the world of four wheels for motorcycle adrenaline and we show you a documentary, narrated by himself Brad Pitt, in which we will have the opportunity to meet several of the best motorcyclists in the world, including Valentino Rossi or Jorge Lorenzo, as they compete for the world throne.

Year: 2015 Genre: documentary Duration: 138 minutes

Go karts

We continue with the world of movies, on this occasion arrived from Australia, and we show you a tape that tells us the story of a young man teenager entering the world of dizzying kart racing, with the necessary help of his group of friends and his coach, a person not too given to showing his emotions in front of others.

Year: 2020 Genre: Drama Duration: 103 minutes

From junkyard to glory

Now I know you missed it, we show you one TV series, in this case in documentary mode and with two seasons available, which will take you to the Gotham garage, where a team of experts mechanics will show you how it is possible to resurrect old decrepit cars to turn them into beautiful asphalt machines.

Year: 2018 Seasons: 2 Chapters: 16 Average duration: 40 minutes

Fangio: The man who tamed machines

Juan Manuel Fangio is one of the big stars of the Formula 1, could be compared to Michael Jordan or Diego Armando Maradona, and this tape will teach us, during the 50’s, how this mythical character of world sport won five championships in that decade with four teams different. Attention, that the figure of Fernando Alonso it also appears in the movie.

Year: 2020 Genre: Biography Duration: 102 minutes

Borning: Asphalt on Fire

There are many titles, especially for motor lovers, which should not necessarily be great works of cinema, but which appease the desire for speed. In this case, this movie, which comes to us from scandinavian areas, will put us in the skin Roy, a man who was willing to marry, but who will end up in a career about half Europe.

Year: 2020 Genre: Action Runtime: 100 minutes

The 24 hour war

Finally, to end this list full of adrenaline and speed, we bring you another mythical rivalry, this time between two of the largest automotive companies in history, Ford and Ferrari. If you want to know how was this power struggle between gears, motors and racing cars, this is your right movie.

Year: 2016 Genre: documentary Duration: 99 minutes

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