The three WHO forecasts on the pandemic in 2021

The Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Program of the World Health Organization (WHO), Mike ryan, argued that during the second year of the pandemic by coronavirus (Covid-19) could become more difficult. But what would be the motive?

1. The authority of the WHO, maintained that: « We are heading for a second year of this that it could be even harder because some of the transmission dynamics« , said Ryan, taking into account the spread of the virus, specifically in the northern hemisphere with the appearance of more infectious variants. 2. On the other hand, the technical director of the WHO of Covid-19, Maria van kerkhove, predicted that « after holidays, in some countries the situation will get worse long before improving, « according to the . news agency.

During the first week of January, reported about five million new cases worldwide, according to data from the agency.

3. For her part, the WHO chief scientist, Soumya SwaminathanDespite the fact that vaccination against the coronavirus was started in different countries, he predicted that in 2021, herd immunity could not be achieved.