The three Star Originals you can’t miss (and the one you can ignore) at Disney +

Disney + has welcomed Star, which from today appears as the sixth main section of the streaming platform. As we enter this new icon we will find more than 200 films and four dozen series, among which stand out four recent fictions that had not had distribution in Spain until now: ‘Helstrom’, ‘Big Sky’, ‘Solar Opposites’ and ‘With love, Victor’. Each of them demonstrates Star’s more mature approach in their own way, but not all of them get their point right. Therefore, from FormulaTV we wanted to analyze the first four Star Originals so you know which ones are worth it and which ones you can put aside.


Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon in ‘Helstrom’

‘Helstrom’ is a series behind its time. The Hulu drama was announced a few months before the head of Marvel’s television division, Jeph Loeb, left the company at the end of 2019. That farewell responded to new plans by Disney, which had expanded the powers of Kevin Feige to repeat on the small screen the success of the cinema. And obviously, ‘Helstrom’ was not a fundamental piece within that roadmap, more focused on productions directly related to the Marvel Universe, such as ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ or ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’. Even so, the series prospered and was released in the United States in October, to be canceled just two months later after reaping a very poor reception.

With such negative baggage behind him, his debut in Spain is produced, in which he stands out as the weakest link in the chain of four original fictions that come from the hand of Star. In any case, Whoever chooses to give it a try, will find a series quite different from what Marvel has done so faras it shows the grim adventures of the sons of a powerful serial killer, Daimon and Ana Helstrom, who use their special gifts to explore the most wicked corners of human nature.

Alexander Rodera

‘Big Sky’

Katheryn Winnick in ‘Big Sky’

David E. Kelley has returned to his roots. The American screenwriter had spent almost a decade away from free-to-air television, collaborating with partners such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video on such acclaimed titles as ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘The Undoing’ and ‘Goliath’, which have allowed him to materialize stories more concise and less contingent on weekly hearings. While staying connected to the world of payment, Kelley has finally returned to the field of networks with ‘Big Sky’, making it clear that the thriller has become his favorite genre, although on this occasion he approaches it from a more effective and superficial perspective.

Despite that assumption of a more derivative style, which doesn’t keep you on the edge of the couch like the first season of ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Big Sky’ has the necessary wickers to captivate the viewer with turns, the first one arriving in a very impressive pilot, which is a declaration of intent of the unpredictability of the series. Therefore, the first contact invites optimism, although it is full of common places of the genre, but it remains to be seen if Kelley is able to successfully culminate this mystery, set in a Montana town plagued by the disappearance of two teenagers .

Alexander Rodera

‘Solar Opposites’

Korvo and Terry with their Funbucket in ‘Solar Opposites’

‘Rick and Morty’ fans are used to long hiatuses between seasons. Obviously, if there is something left over today, they are series to watch in those waiting periods, but few can compete with the irreverent and spontaneous creative partnership formed by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who are already working on the following seasons at the same time as they develop. projects separately. One of those new adventures is ‘Solar Opposites’, which takes the brutal essence of its predecessor and encapsulates it in a more suburban setting., in the style of ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘American Dad’.

While « Rick and Morty » enjoys intergalactic travel more, « Solar Opposites » settles in a quiet neighborhood, which loses its calm when a group of aliens crash into one of its chalets. From that operations center, the aliens must fulfill their assigned mission: see if the Earth is worth devastating to restore their species. With that goal before it, the atypical family tries to fit into a hostile society, unleashing chaos in its wake. And if your bloody pilot hooks you, you’re in luck, because the second season is already confirmed and will arrive at the end of March.

Alexander Rodera

‘With love, Victor’

Michael Cimino in ‘With Love, Victor’

The story of ‘With love, Victor’ has not been a bed of roses. And we are not referring precisely to its plot. Although it was scheduled to premiere on Disney +, the company decided that this LGTBQ + fiction was a better fit with Hulu. But was it so risky and provocative so as not to be aimed at a family audience? The answer is no. If ‘Love, Victor’ is characterized by something, it is for its sweet and moving story, but above all for its ability to be familiar without losing its youthful focus. A white fiction suitable for all audiences, where there are no sex sequences or explicit nudity (or of any kind). Finally, the arrival of the Star brand to Disney + has made it possible for this production to land in Spain almost a year after its premiere in the United States.

The Serie is set within the same universe of the feature film « With love, Simon » (2018), based on the novel « Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda » by Becky Albertalli. Shortly after Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) graduated, a new student arrives at Creekwood High School in Shady Creek, Georgia and begins a journey of self-discovery. Through direct message conversations on Instagram, Victor (Michael Cimino) asks for help from Simon, who lived a similar story a few months earlier.

As in « With love, Simon », the main peculiarity of the series is that it is a classic teen fiction with all the topics and characteristics of the genre, but in this case starring a gay teenager. Not all gay-themed productions need to be independent, deep, and dramatic. The younger LGTBQ + viewers also need close, entertaining references that allow them to enjoy a simple and endearing story in which they feel identified. And that’s « With love, Victor »: a simple and unassuming romantic comedy that goes straight to the heart.

Hector Alabadí