the three dividends of the bag for the week of Easter

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The Easter week It is again shorter than usual in the Spanish stock market as a result of the Monday holiday, shared by most European markets. However, that is not an impediment for even three listed companies distribute dividend among its shareholders. Renta 4, Ebro Foods and Zardoya Otis open their safe.

The three payments scheduled for the next sessions contribute an average gross return of 0.88%. A relevant level if one uses classic comparisons such as the yield provided by the ten-year Spanish sovereign bond, which currently oscillates around 0.3%.

Although these dividends may be a source of return on investment, analysts warn against the temptation to build portfolios based solely on this criterion. Although all three companies have a solid track record of deliveries, experts stress the importance of always considering business fundamentals and forecasts.

Earrings of an ‘extra’

Tuesday April 6 is the date chosen by two of the three protagonists to reward their investors. Ebro Foods distributes 0.19 euros gross for each of its shares as an ordinary dividend charged to the accounts for the current year 2021. The payment, which provides a return of more than 1%, was discounted on Wednesday, March 31.

Rumors about a eventual extraordinary payment supported by the profits obtained from the sale of its pasta business in the US – and possibly in France – they have been insistent in recent weeks, since the transaction was confirmed. Nevertheless, the company has not announced anything in this line and could use these funds for reinvestment or endowment of reserves.

On the same day, it is also the turn of the shareholders of Rent 4 Bank, specifically with those who were at the close of the session on March 30, who are entitled to receive this payment. The financial institution has approved the distribution of € 0.02297 gross for each of its shares.

With this figure, the entity chaired by Juan Carlos Ureta reaches the maximum amount of 15% of the winnings of 2020 that for now has authorized the European Central Bank (ECB) in the sector. In this sense, the possibility of approving a complementary dividend later as long as the supervisor opens his hand on this line.

In time to buy

The list of deals for the week is completed with Zardoya otis. In this case, the gross € 0.07 per share promised by the elevator and escalator company represents the most generous outlay, reaching a return of 1.28%.

The payment this time is on account of the results of the current year and with ordinary character. Zardoya Otis makes it effective on Friday, April 9 and the most lagging investors interested in perceiving it They have until the 6th of the same month to get hold of company titles entitled to receive them.