the third game mode would be a mess full of nostalgia

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Battlefield 2042 it will not have battle royale. Electronic Arts and DICE have chosen to move away from the most popular genre in the industry to explore other types of experiences that really satisfy the Battlefield community. However, the great mystery that remains in the air is: How will they replace the absence of a battle royale while at the same time fulfilling the wishes of their players? Today we have more information about it.

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If you have been attentive to everything that surrounds the game, surely you know that on July 22 there will be a “mysterious” modality that will complement the traditional multiplayer and Hazard Zone. The latter, contrary to what was believed at first, would be responsible for covering the lack of a battle royale. The bad news is that we don’t know many details about it either. So … what do you have in store for the third game mode of Battlefield 2042?

Tom Henderson has entered the scene again, a leaker whose Battlefield 2042 leaks are usually quite reliable. On his podcast, he said that the third game mode is known internally as Battlefield HUB. Ensures that this modality includes the remasters of old maps from the Battlefield saga. It does not specify which ones, but they would surely be some of the most popular. In addition, in the same way they would bring back the old weapons and vehicles.

As for the maps, they would return with totally improved visuals thanks to Frostbite 4, the graphics engine that makes Battlefield 2042 possible. Some scenarios would be adapted to support 128 simultaneous players, which is the standard figure of the traditional multiplayer of 2042 (on PS4 and Xbox One it stays at 64). Other maps, meanwhile, would maintain support for 64 players.

Battlefield HUB would focus on fun and mayhem

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Why would Battlefield 2042 have two separate multiplayer variants that are only differentiated by their maps, weapons, and vehicles? Here comes the interesting thing. Henderson indicates that Battlefield HUB will be a fun-focused experience. “It will not necessarily be a competitive or balanced experience,” he said. In fact, it would be possible for a Battlefield 1 tank to take on a Battlefield 3 tank, for example. Can you imagine it? Yes, it would be a chaos 100% dedicated to the nostalgic people who have enjoyed the saga for years.

It is important to emphasize that none of the above has been confirmed. The only thing we know is that the third mode of Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield HUB) is in charge of DICE Los Angeles. The creative team describes their work as “a love letter to everyone who loves Battlefield”. These words obviously align with the remastering of the maps and the fun-focused experience. On July 22, doubts will be resolved during EA Play, in which they could also announce the return of Dead Space.

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