For more than a week, the Fuegian city of Río Grande has been shaken by an extreme polar cold wave that seems to have no end and generated unimaginable postcards in this early winter.

On June 23 it snowed all day and during the early hours of Saturday the 27th the temperature broke a record when the clock struck 00: it was -13.8 ° C and the thermal sensation was lower than -20 ºC.

The city is experiencing extreme sub-zero temperatures that mark a historical trend, because the last time there were such low records was in 1996.

To have a notion of the phenomenon that its inhabitants experience, it can be noted that that same day, at the Marambio Base in Antarctica, the National Meteorological Service reported an actual temperature of -0.4 ° and a thermal sensation of -5, 8 °.

The weather not only caused problems in traffic and in private homes – especially in the plumbing of the houses – but also froze a car and the water on the seashore.

As can be seen in the images that users shared on social networks, a Peugeot 205 that had spent the whole night outdoors was covered in ice in a city that offers postcards that look like they were taken from a movie.

But what surprised the most was the video that went viral of the sea, which showed its shore covered with ice and the water with frost on its surface.

This Tuesday morning, around 8, a temperature of -14.5 °. And although it is less than that of the last days, the intensity of the cold was also felt.