With 23 deliveries to date, and those on the way, the Marvel Universe It is the most ambitious film franchise in history, both for its many characters and for its interconnected narratives. But a new fan theory could shake the foundations of the UCM, and it all has to do with the mysterious mother of Tony Stark.

With each new movie, Marvel writers have revealed important details from the past of their main characters. As for Tony Stark’s parents, it was revealed that Bucky was responsible for his death in The Winter Soldier, which somehow connected the destinies of Captain America and Iron Man. But this connection could be much deeper than what we have been told.

The latest fan theory emerged on Reddit ensures that Peggy Carter, the companion and lover of Steve Rogers in World War II is also the mother of Tony Stark. In The First Avenger, it is implied that Peggy meets Howard Stark., who even flirts several times with her.

Although it is true that Peggy is Capi’s love interest, it must be taken into account that he was frozen in ice for several decades. And this could have fostered a romantic relationship between Agent Carter and the Starks’ senior. In fact, the personalities of both fit quite well, and beyond that, they are both of similar ages, with Howard being born in 1917 and Peggy in 1921. So would this theory be possible?

Unfortunately it seems unlikely, since by the time Tony Stark was born in 1970, Peggy would be 50 years old, a somewhat complicated age to give birth. On the other hand, if she were indeed her mother, it would mean that baby Stark would have been born thirty years after her hypothetical parents met. Something definitely doesn’t fit.

Lastly, thanks to Endgame, fans discovered that Howard and Peggy were working together at the start of SHIELD, thanks to the sequence in which Iron Man travels back in time. But it is also implied that at that time Howard’s wife, Maria Stark, I was already pregnant.

Still, the idea that Captain America could be Tony Stark’s mother is most interesting. Especially considering that Rogers made one last trip to the past in Endgame to stay with his beloved. And according to the basic laws of time travel, in the new future created by Cap while traveling in time, Iron Man would never have been born.