The terrible stat of OM

Olympique de Marseille is the team having collected the most red cards in the five major European championships.

If the teammates of Dimitri Payet avoided the worst by hanging a draw this Saturday at Nantes (1-1), on behalf of the 26th day of League 1, they also consolidated their position as European leader in a not very prestigious ranking. “Marseille has collected 8 red cards in Ligue 1 this season, at least 2 more than any other team in the 5 major championships. Outside, ”Opta said in a recent tweet.

“It is not a violent fact”

Expelled by Amaury Delerue, referee of the match, the Marseille right-back left his teammates after a high and dangerous foot. Asked about this fact of play at the end of the match, the Marseille coach did not seem convinced by the decision of the man in black.

“Explain to me, you saw the game like me. It is true that Hiroki does not do something voluntary since the player comes from behind and wants him to clear. Unfortunately the foot is very high and it is reprehensible of a card, conceded the Marseille coach. It is not a violent fact, it is quite simply a fact of play which makes that the referee took his responsibility by expelling him. “

Regarding the accumulation of red cards among his men for a few weeks, Nasser Larguet will say: “It’s annoying because I think we are leading the way. It’s frustrating for our players and for us in relation to the balance of the team. We must continue to work because other players will take over. “

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