There is no day when Javier Tebas do not move the ‘industry’ of Spanish soccer for your own benefit. The leader aspires to control as many clubs as possible in the ‘presumed’ best league in the world, even if he has to get his hands dirty. After doing and undoing as you please in the Fuenlabrada, The Madrid club has outgrown it and is now looking to do something similar in Granada.

The Nasrid club, which this year will compete for the first time in its history in the Europa League, held on Tuesday a Shareholders’ Meeting where nothing was going to happen and everything happened. Surprisingly, the president -Jiang Lizhang- was changed, granting him an emeritus leadership title, a lawyer appeared who nobody knew to do all the papers instantly and there was no image of the relief or of those attending the meeting when previously the club had always published a photograph of the Shareholders’ Meetings on its website. All weird, very weird …

On the morning of this Wednesday, the whole cake has begun to be uncovered. The new club advisor Juan Yuang -alias ‘Sofía’ – was seen in the center of the city accompanied by the mysterious man who carried out the operation. The lawyer is none other than Javier Aranguren, the same one who takes the lawsuit of Fuenlabrada against the Spanish Football Federation and who is a man of maximum confidence of the Tebas family.

The links of Aranguren with the clan go back a decade. He and the first-born of the president of the League studied together at the CEU San Pablo University before beginning a work activity that has gone hand in hand for almost all of their history. While Aranguren appears as attorney-in-fact in the companies of the son of Tebas -in Skelton Enterprise and Tauro Broadcast-, the son acts as sole administrator, with all of them domiciled at Calle Macarena 27 in Madrid, where curiously Thebes father has all his companies registered, including the parent company Tebas y Coiduras S.L.

Aranguren appeared at the Granada offices together with Sofia to certify that Wuhan DDMC Football Club Management Co. Ltd. has become the new patron of Granada. This company, which until now had been hidden in the background and managed by Granada through intermediary companies, is coincidentally one of the largest audiovisual partners in the world. Thebes-Roures clan. They signed a commitment to market the League’s rights in China from the 2017-18 season through another subsidiary called Nice International Sports Limited, as does the Premier. The difference is that in England this Chinese conglomerate does not own any club, while in Spain Granada is theirs. Another case of conflict of interest with businesses filed with Tebas? Let each one draw their conclusions.

A suspicious joint venture

The fact is that Thebes He has put his boys at the service of the Chinese to carry out this movement that has caught everyone off balance. « We want to be closer to the management of the club », they are limited to saying from Wuhan DDMC Football Club Management Co. Ltd to justify the landslide. Sources close to the League have corroborated OKDIARY that the owners of Granada have been paying since 2017 a figure close to 100 million a year to the employers’ association of clubs for the management of these rights in China.

How could Thebes not send one of its champions to act as Sofia’s interpreter before the banks and the Commercial Registry? Granada CF has fallen into the networks of a Javier Tebas who is executing another movement that is thought to be a master, but represents a clamorous conflict of interest. As reported by Expansión on May 14, 2020, the League was going to form a joint venture –A society clearly– with Mediapro and Super Sports Media -subsidiary of Wuhan DDMC Football Club Management Co. Ltd- to « provide more resources to the exploitation of commercial assets and study business routes in the Chinese territory. »

Thebes and Roures are advisers of that joint venture with Wuhan DDMC Football Club Management Co. Ltd in China, while Óscar Mayo – for many Javier’s successor at the head of the League – appears as vice president of the Chinese adventure. The traces of Thebes begin to be seen from the Alhambra to the Chinese Wall.