The tension between Maroto and Mamen Mendizábal reaches such a point that the deputy ends up asking for forgiveness

Mamen Mendizábal and Javier Maroto in ‘Better Afternoon’. (Photo: MORE VALE TARDE)

Tremendous encounter that Mamen Mendizábal and the PP senator, Javier Maroto, had this Thursday in Más Vale Tarde, when talking about the LGTBI laws that Isabel Díaz Ayuso intends to review to satisfy Vox.

The journalist has asked Maroto if the support of Santiago Abascal’s party in Madrid is contingent on Ayuso “having to review the LGTBI law.”

“If this is older since … these questions were asked to me in the PP pact with Andalusia, do you remember that we had …?”, The senator began by saying before Mendizábal interrupted annoying. Interruption that has led to a collision.

“Look Mr. Maroto, here there is a minimum of respect that is basic to have. That is not old, because it is current. And it is also pertinent and my question to you, also as a member of the PP, and also married, as we all know, is absolutely pertinent, ”the journalist stated emphatically.

“Look what is old is not letting the guest respond,” said the politician. “Oh, please, Mr. Maroto …”, replied Mendizábal, surprised.

″ Shall I explain it to you or not? As you wish … ”, the senator said annoyed. “Whatever you want,” commented the presenter.

“I say that the question is old because the negotiation with Vox and the LGTB is already stale because I myself was in the negotiation of the investiture pact of Juanma Moreno in Andalusia and you will remember this, two years ago, I do not know if it is old , it’s exactly two years ago. And there it was also said that Vox is going to take away all the rights of homosexuals and is going to take away everything LGTB. It took nothing away, nothing happened. The Government of …

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