The tension between Maggie and Negan increases

The Walking Dead is nearing its end. In the new teaser released, fans saw the strong tension rising between Maggie and Negan.

For several years, The Walking Dead became the favorite zombie series of many viewers. After so long on the air, fiction will come to an end and its fans are preparing for this denouement. A new advance anticipated how the tension between Maggie and Negan will be.

The last season of The Walking Dead will throw sparks due to the strong tension that exists between Negan and Maggie. Which is not for less, since the villain murdered the girl’s husband. After that tragic event that left more than one fan with a broken heart, fiction will dare to unite the paths of both characters and show what will happen between the two.

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A strong tension

The new teasers released by AMC have raised the expectations of fans, who are very eager to see how the famous series will continue and end. One of these clips previewed the tension between Negan and Maggie. In the preview you can see a corridor full of bagged corpses, which completely caught the attention of the followers.

During the last installments of The Walking Dead, Negan began to have a remarkable evolution. In this way, the character stopped being the most hated and began to earn the respect of the fans of the series. However, Maggie doesn’t think the same way. After the heavy murder of her husband, she does not stop hating the man who committed it without any justification.

We will have to wait and see what happens between the two, but progress already shows us that nothing will be easy. The premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead is scheduled for August 22.

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