The tense moment between Maroto and Tardà when asked about Vox

Maroto, during his interview in ‘La Hora’ (Photo: RTVE / Youtube)

The Popular Party politician Javier Maroto and ERC Joan Tardà have starred in a moment of tension during the interview of the former on the TVE program La Hora. What has motivated this moment has been a question regarding the relationship of the popular with Vox.

The nationalist has asked his opinion on the red lines that some European rulers establish to the extreme right. “Why doesn’t the Popular Party act with the same forcefulness regarding Vox?” Tardà commented.

“What Merkel and Macron and all European leaders think is a huge anomaly is having, for the first time since democracy, in the Government of Spain the radical left, including the Communist Party, within”, has wielded the popular during your answer. Immediately afterwards, Joan Tardà reproached him for not answering him and that his question was along the lines that the French president and the German chancellor would never govern “with fascists.”

Calling the militants of Vox fascists is his allusion Javier Maroto, Joan Tardá

“Yes, I have answered you perfectly, perfectly,” Maroto assured Tardá, to blurt out that “maybe you don’t like me telling you the democratic anomaly on the left.” Then, the PP senator has specified that “calling the Vox militants fascists is his allusion”, while Tardà defended himself, claiming that he had not referred to the “voters” but to the party.

The interviewee has settled the scuffle by explaining that “putting labels is very simple” and that his proof of cotton is that anyone can say whatever they want in the field. “The important thing is what is agreed, not so much with whom”, has sentenced Maroto, revealing that what worries him is that the PSOE has agreed with “his party …

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