A crisis like this does not affect all athletes equally. From the differentiation between collective and individual sports, to the particularities that each discipline keeps with the others, tennis is the one that only wins by playing, especially beyond the top-25, where the sponsorship agreements are not as large and where only the competition reports economic amounts, a situation that the Ukrainian has recently recalled Stakhovsky or Paula Badosa’s coach, Xavi Budó.

The Ukrainian has referred to a situation that perhaps is not taken into account and that does not have mechanisms within the circuit to guarantee a minimum income in such extremely exceptional cases. “This is a very difficult situation for the circuit and especially for the players. As we all know, most tennis players live from week to week or from month to month, in terms of their income and expenses. What they earn, they return. to invest in tennis. So these are some very difficult weeks for tennis and there are still some very difficult months for the circuit itself. “

Something that Xavier Budó also remembered and pointed out on his Twitter account:

I am fully aware that there are millions of more serious situations in the world than those caused by coronavirus in sports.

That said, what is the difference between sports with guaranteed contracts or sports that if you don’t win or don’t compete, you don’t win a euro right now

– Xavier Budó Bartumeu (@XavierBudo) March 24, 2020

From the circuits or the federations, the players claim some insurance that can allow the players some entry while the competition is delayed, as Sergei points out. “How much money can be spent to help the players, because we don’t know how long it will take yet: two months, three months, we will play this season or we will not play. Thank God I have a reservation. I have been part of this system for a long time, I really believe in the people who work there, that they will find a solution and that the players will be able to continue their careers, that everyone will get the support they need. “