“The team has taken off its straitjacket and is buying it”

Real’s coach Valladolid, Sergio González, affirmed that his team has taken off “the straitjacket and is believing it”, after the victory achieved this Sunday by 1-3 against Granada at the Nuevo Los Cármenes Stadium.

“We played a very serious game against a very difficult and prestigious opponent. After the victory the other day, the team has pulled off its straitjacket and is buying it. With this victory we have given more packaging for that victory against Athletic “, said Sergio at a press conference.

The coach acknowledged that after Granada’s 1-2 they had “five or ten minutes” in which they speculated “a little”, but that they showed “integrity and were” very strong “to close the victory.

“The whole team was very good on a physical level and also in terms of game, presence, personality, attitude and intensity, because if we don’t come like this, Granada will eat you”, Asserted the preparer of the pucelano team.

For Sergio, “this reflects that turning point that we achieved with the victory against Athletic “, and added:” we regain our self-esteem and hopefully this victory will reinforce us and confirm that we are a great team when we are at today’s level. “

He said that the two weeks of break have been “very fruitful” for the work of the entire squad, which makes “the level of the team go up”, and considered that in Granada all the players made “a terrible effort”, in addition to specify that the central Joaquín Fernández and Brazilian attacker Marcos André jThey played “with discomfort.”