He Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) has issued a resolution on the merits of the matter in the case of the claim for alleged improper alignment of the Estremadura in front of Sports, and has confirmed the resolutions of the RFEF committees, in the sense that there was no such improper alignment. This is what IUSPORT anticipates and SPORT confirms that it has had access to the resolution.


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On July 24, the CAS, without going into the merits of the matter, had already rejected the precautionary suspension of the result that occurred in the match between Deportivo and Extremadura due to the complaint of improper alignment presented by the Galician club and that it was dismissed by the Competition and Appeal Committees.

Deportivo went to the CAS after having been dismissed by Competition and Appeal their complaint for improper alignment of Extremadura in the match of the penultimate day (2-3) at the Abanca-Riazor Stadium.

The Galician club maintained without success that for a few seconds, while the doctors treated striker Airam Cabrera on the wing, Extremadura had fewer first-team chips on the pitch than is established by the regulations.

From here on, the Galician club only has two options. One is to follow the ordinary route and the other possible route to Depor to stay in Second is that the administrative descent of Fuenlabrada is decreed in the extraordinary procedure of the RFEF and the place is awarded to the Galician team. That if, if it occurs, it is LaLiga who decides the team that would remain in the category.

The CAS thus adds to the thesis that both Competition and Appeal previously defended that had already dictated against this undue alienation since the Extremadura club played for a few minutes with less than seven players on the field because they were being treated in the Cabrera band . The two disciplinary bodies of the RFEF considered the Depor complaint very rigorous, which is now ratified by the CAS.