The Suzuki Vitara receives a dual-clutch automatic gearbox

Currently, the Suzuki vitara it is probably the most important model for the brand in our country. The Japanese small SUV was completely renewed and began to use electrification to adapt to the times. Now we have seen how it has been completed and the last to arrive has been a dual clutch automatic gearbox which will be available in some versions for those users who require it.

Because we must not forget that when we tested the new Vitara Hybrid 48V, only option in the current rangeWe saw that this model with the DGT ECO label was only offered with the manual gearbox. Now another transmission is added that wants to be a comfortable and efficient option, which will be available only with the GLX top finish. The automatic Vitara has a surcharge of just 1,560 euros compared to the manual version, so it could be interesting for a certain audience.

In our country, it has a starting price of 28,765 euros with front-wheel drive and amounts to 30,365 euros in the version with 4 × 4 AllGrip. Whoever is willing to pay them will get an electrified SUV with Suzuki’s 6TCSS automatic transmission. It has a configuration of six-speed dual clutch, with a clutch acting on the odd gears (first, third, fifth and reverse) and another on the pairs (second, fourth and sixth).

In this way, fast and progressive gear changes, improving the response at low speeds and reducing the engine revolutions when traveling at high speed. It also allows a manual mode to change from the gear lever itself or through the paddles behind the steering wheel. Yet no homologation data, but it must be remembered that the Mild Hybrid system contributed very good figures to the Vitara, with a consumption of between 5.7 and 6.2 l / 100km and emissions of between 129 and 141 g / km of CO2 in the manual.