The Suzuki Jimny hybrid could be on sale in 2024

Although well founded, at the moment the information pointing to the return of the Suzuki Jimny to our country are only rumors without any limitations and for all audiences. It would do so thanks to a new cooperation agreement between Suzuki and Toyota in which the use of the hybrid mechanics of the Yaris is contemplated under the hood of the small 4×4.

To “meet emissions” the Suzuki Jimny would arrive in 2024 with the hybrid mechanics of the Toyota Yaris.

Pictures Suzuki Jimny

According to the motorprofis website, Suzuki would have agreed with Toyota use the 1.5-liter hybrid from the Yaris in the Jimny, a 116 hp mechanic with emissions of only 89 g / km of CO2 according to the WLTP cycle in the urban bodywork that would satisfactorily solve the current emissions problem that Suzuki’s 4×4 has and that entailed large fines due to the CAFE regulations imposed by the European Union.

Because of that the Japanese brand stopped marketing the Jimny in the old continent, despite the strong demand it experienced, and although it is currently possible to buy a Jimny approved as a commercial vehicle, it is still a mere patch, since it has limitations such as having only two seats, a maximum speed of 90 km / h and shorter ITV intervals.

Suzuki Jimny Hybrid Toyota Yaris 05Toyota Yaris CVT gearbox where the electric motor is integrated

Toyota has already collaborated with Suzuki (and other brands) recently

So that, with that future hybrid Jimny that would arrive in 2024, taking advantage of its facelift, all problems would be solved at a stroke, also being a more than likely solution given the various agreements that already exist between both brands and the result of which are the Suzuki Across, which is nothing more than a 306 hp Toyota RAV4 Plug-in, or the Suziki Swace hybrid, the twin brother of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports. Likewise, we must not forget that In recent years Toyota has been very open to this type of collaboration with other brands, as you only have to remember the Toyota Supra emerged from the symbiosis with BMW or the GT86 with Subaru.

Now, the next question is what Toyota gains in addition to the sale of its mechanics and amortization of development and production. Those same sources speak of a Jimny with the Toyota logo for less affluent markets where the Land Cruiser is too expensive and where Suzuki has a large enough distribution network.

Suzuki Jimny Hybrid Toyota Across PhevSuzuki Across based on the Toyota RAV4

Let’s hope that with this interesting maneuver, Suzuki can resurrect this little off-road once and for all, a proposal that has not only captivated us all because it is a true 4×4 with a chassis of stringers and crossbars and reducer, but also for its retro aesthetics, a recipe that, as demonstrated by MINI and the Fiat 500, seems to be a sure hit. However, incorporating that powertrain will mean the loss of the manual transmission and the adoption of the nondescript CVT automatic transmission, although given the character of the Jimny, it should not be a major problem.

Source: Motorprofis

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