Toni Nadal, director of the Mallorca tournament, one of those suspended from the grass tour, regrets that all the illusions have gone overboard. “It’s a stick”, he says, but he maintains a thread of hope to find new dates this season, although he is aware that “everything will depend on the evolution of the virus” and how ATP organizes it.

04/03/2020 at 12:08


In an interview with the EFE Agency, Rafael Nadal’s uncle expressed that they were aware and expected the decision, but he understands that there are other more vital issues now.

“It was to be expected, and the news is no longer relevant with the one that is falling here in Spain and in the world. You don’t think about Wimbledon or the Mallorca tournament, nor about the grass season because we have our heads totally on the coronavirus, “he points out.

Wimbledon and ATP Mallorca Championships suspension

“But it was news that has not surprised anyone because with the weather in England it was difficult,” he says of Wimbledon, the epicenter of all the grass tournaments that precede it. “They don’t have much room for action and as the dates were coming they already had it on them.”

This year, the tournament that takes place in Calviá (from June 20 to 27) changed circuits. And, after belonging to the previous four editions as the Mallorca Open in the WTA, it came to the fore as ATP Mallorca Championships, with category 250 in the men’s.

“The experience of the previous years with the women’s tournament had been better and better, and in this one, after the illusion and the great work that had been done by the organizers and the tournament owner, this is a stick “Toni Nadal points out.

“Everything done for almost six months, now you see that nothing, at the moment is suspended, and we will see later, seeing how the topic evolves, the possibility of doing it, in September or in October“points out the director of the competition, who highlights the great will of the organizers, the company E | Motion, and the owner Edwin Weindorfer in” doing it later “.

“That is the initial will but of course, this is pending how the coronavirus issue evolves, what decision does the ATP make, and how would it organize it from the date the calendar is restarted “, now extended until July 13.

“It is not a freely available topic,” says Toni Nadal, “we will have to be aware of the evolution of the virus.”

Spanish players tied for Mallorca

The tournament director had already “tied” several Spanish players, such as Feliciano López, Fernando Verdasco and Jaume Munar, but the impact of the suspension of Indian Wells and the possible repercussions in other tournaments that followed, stopped many other negotiations.

“We were looking at how the circuit was evolving and people were being talked to, there were contacts with different people, but of course you had not agreed with anyone and when Indian Wells stopped, everything stopped, any negotiations or any dealings with people, because already you didn’t know how all this was going to go, “says Toni Nadal.

Given the current prospect, the uncle of the 19 Grand Slams winner has two visions of the future of tennis this season. “I move in two visions,” he explains. “On the one hand, the logical thing is that in tournaments that are so long, it seems difficult to get into it because the restrictions that will be in that country or in that country are not known,” he says.

“They are going to let you in for the United States Open or Cincinnati, and we can think that this tournament will bring together twenty or thirty thousand people, and if this is not fully arranged, Are you going to be able to do it? No”, comments on the possibility of undertaking such a journey.

Resume activity and tourism

“But on the other hand, I understand that governments will be interested in getting life back to normal as soon as possible. That when they have this more or less controlled, things will return gradually, but decisively, to normality, because if not, There is no option to reactivate the economy. If each worker or company does not move within its scope, it is difficult, “he says.

And Toni Nadal gives as an example the tournament he runs. “If this were controlled in the month of July or August, I understand that the Balearic Government would be interested in having a little activity and that tourism is coming, and the Spanish Government too. This is the other line, “he points out.

“If something is not activated it will be difficult” is his determining phrase. “That is why I believe that the Professional Football League will try as much as possible to activate so that the economic gear is activated again, “he uses as an example.

stuck at home

Toni Nadal has strictly taken the recommendation to stay home these days and although at first he accepted it with resignation, now he appreciates it.

“When they told us the first time that we had to be locked up for fifteen days, we thought ‘damn what …’ but seeing the disasters around the world and when you see the number of deaths every day you think: ‘much better not to go out and stay home, “he says.

“You have to have a little patience and we still thank God for being symptom free. In the end, you read something, you watch a little TV, some tennis match, some of the soccer games that my brother played when I played, and I amuse myself with that, “says Toni.

The reading of the play “A Sangre y Fuego”, a series of nine short stories of the Spanish Civil War by Manuel Chaves Nogales, distracts him, and he states that he has not gained weight. “I also don’t have much of an appetite and a little physical activity we always do,” he says.