The surprising television past of one of Jorge Javier Vázquez’s suitors in ‘MyHyV’

We recently heard the news that Jorge Javier Vázquez will be the first gay and VIP tronista in the history of ‘Mujeres y Hombres y viceversa’. The host of ‘Save me’ will have a list of single men who will fight to win his heart. The Cuatro program announced the names of the first candidates on February 15. What we did not know at that time is that one of the singles already has a surprising television past.

One of Jorge Javier Vázquez’s suitors, related to Víctor Sandoval

‘Women and men and vice versa’ presented the first four candidates to make Jorge Javier Vázquez fall in love. Among them is Fran, a young man with a spectacular physique that the networks have already discovered a television past that would relate him directly to the Mediaset world. Fran (who was also crowned Mr. Gay Pride Spain 2015) appeared several times in ‘Save me’ in the lifeguard position of the program, and participating on several occasions in games that involved the collaborators of the format.

Francisco Pérez’s television past goes even further. Mr. Gay Pride Spain made an appearance in Víctor Sandoval’s video clip, « Sandovalízate ». After this experience, both were seen on more than one occasion in a loving attitude. Sandoval went so far as to assure that he was « in love » with the young man, but that he had not wanted to meddle too much because he knew he « had a relationship. » Nevertheless, they were both caught kissing. This would confirm that Jorge Javier Vázquez would not be the first media love interest in which the model sets the eye.

The other suitors of Jorge Javier Vázquez

In the absence of knowing the complete list, for the moment we already know the names of other singles who will try to conquer Jorge Javier Vázquez. Alberto, a 27-year-old young man, David, an attractive firefighter (or so it seems from his photos) and Daniel, an animal lover with an impressive physique, would be the other three confirmed. Will any of them be the one who manages to carve a hole in the presenter’s heart?