the surprising gaps of Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger things caused that Millie Bobby Brown gained great fame overnight. The young actress suddenly found herself headlining one of Netflix’s most successful series as all the spotlight was on her and the next steps in her career, which led to her intervening in Warner’s MonsterVerse franchise (specifically in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and in the recently released Godzilla vs. Kong) and starring, also for Netflix, Enola Holmes. She’s been very busy in the last few years, wow, and maybe that’s why she hasn’t had time to see a lot of movies.

Or maybe it has not interested him either; while Godzilla vs. Kong sweeps the box office around the world, the actress has given an interview with MTV where she has been able to reveal her great gaps as a moviegoer. At first they are quite surprising, although Brown herself has explained why she has not yet approached them. “I haven’t seen any Marvel movies, ever, and I haven’t seen any DC movies, either. They are not my thing but I would not mind seeing them. I’ve just never said ‘I’m going to get with them.’

“I’m more of Noa’s diary, a romantic movie. I’m not crazy about the other because I’m already involved in something like that. I’m already making films like this, I want to see things that are real ”. It is possible, therefore, that the actress is so exhausted by the franchises in which she intervenes (Stranger Things and the MonsterVerse, although Enola Holmes could have a new installment in the future), that in her free time she prefers to admire other types of proposals. Proposals that do not even include a franchise such as Harry Potter: “I have a lot of friends who look at me and say ‘how?’ and I just answer ‘I don’t know!’ “says Brown.

The protagonist of Stranger Things (which is currently filming its fourth season with the hope that it can be released at the end of this year or the beginning of next year) confesses that she has not seen or Star wars neither The Office, although yes Friends. Regarding more recent fictions, Brown reveals that he has been hooked on The Bridgertons (Netflix’s last big hit) and what you saw recently Closer, the remembered melodrama of Mike nichols. During the interview he has also investigated the benefits of playing the same character during several installments, be they seasons or movies.

“I have never played a character that I did not want to return to”, assures. “I like to play a character, take time out and get back to it. That helps to express growth ”. How will Eleven have changed in the new season of Stranger Things? Hopefully we can check it out soon.