Federico Llamas, the 27-year-old surfer who was delayed this Tuesday for breaching the mandatory quarantine and escorted to a Flores home from where he later went to the Atlantic Coast with a previous visit by Ezeiza and Luis Guillón, was arrested yesterday by order of the federal judge of San Isidro Lino Mirabelli.

The young man is accused of violating articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code: breach the rules to prevent the spread of epidemics and for disobedience to authority.

On Tuesday afternoon, when he was driving on the highway with bags and surfboards on the roof of his truck, he was delayed in a control of the Argentine Naval Prefecture carried out at kilometer 17 of the Panamericana. Since then a raid began that ended yesterday morning, when he arrived at a house located in the town Ostend, where he is under house arrest.

From there he gave his version of events. He questioned that a case had been opened and denied having evaded isolation. Llamas said he was on vacation in Brazil in the company of his girlfriend. They had traveled on March 8 and were scheduled to return on April 8. But the advance of the coronavirus changed his plans.

“A few days after I arrive (in Brazil) I find myself with the situation of the pandemic. Seeing that my girlfriend could not return to Argentina with me, we began to see options. We made the decision to have her turn to her country (Canada). We decided it last Friday ”, he began to relate.

And he continued: “We had the uncertainty of how we were going to return to the country. The information was very confusing. We start on Monday morning. On the border of Paso de los Libres, Corrientes, We filled out the form explaining where we were going to quarantine. Since I can’t go with my dad, because he has heart failure and he had to be alone, the best option was to be with my mom, in Ostend ”.

According to the young man, he does not have his own house, he has lived abroad for a year and a half and Flores’ home address, the same since he was born, still appears on his ID.

Llamas went on remembering his long journey. He said he traveled 150 kilometers and slept on the road at night. “At 4:00 pm (Tuesday) I arrive at Panamericana and I meet the control and the media, who when they saw the tables on the ceiling came looking for me. The journalists are a disaster. At one point they all approached me, stuck between Yes, without following the protocol. I felt very exposed. I have been taking care of myself and I meet a lot of people who are in contact with many places, “he complained.

“Then one of the policemen tells me ‘I can’t let you go with the circus that was set up. We are going to make you an act and we are going to accompany you to your house ’. But in the minutes he said that he was breaching the quarantine and not: I was in transit. Then I refuse. They accuse me of something that was not correct “he added.

The security cameras recorded the moment when the Prefectura troops escorted him to the house in Flores. But once these are gone, the surfer also retires. From there he went to his father’s house, in Ezeiza, to find warm clothes for his stay on the Atlantic Coast.

During the course of the day, the young man’s friends learned what was happening to him. “One who lives in Guillón tells me that he could quarantine at home. When I speak to police officers who stopped me at a checkpoint in Ezeiza, I tell them that I was not going to the coast and asked them to guard me until Guillón, ”he told TN.

However, he said, the uniformed officers ordered him to go to Ostend, a destination that appeared in his affidavit. Thus, he changed course again and headed towards the spa town. It arrived around 4:30 yesterday. On the advice of his lawyer, he notified the Police that he was already at that address. “And then I see in the media that there was a request for capture.”

“It is catastrophic. They tell me a lot on the phone. I can’t believe it, I don’t know how my future will affect me, my plans ”, lament.

This afternoon his mother also spoke, who assured that Llamas “they interrupted him “during the control on the Pan American highway and” took him off his itinerary “by escorting him to the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores, and that he has the “documentation” that allowed him to circulate to said spa in the Pinamar party.

According to what he said, before the restrictions to circulate arranged by the coronavirus, they decided to advance the return of the young man from Brazil: “We evaluated whether it was convenient for him to come now or later. His girlfriend spoke to the Consulate of her country and left. We think that the best thing for everyone was for him to cross the border, come to Ostend and settle in “in a sector of the house” where he has no communication or anything. “

“They interrupted him, took him off his itinerary, preventing him from getting here, with the weariness that this means”, the woman pointed out when referring to the control that she had to face on the Pan-American highway, adding that she believes that the officers of the Naval Prefecture escorted him to the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores -where his grandmother lives- as a preventive measure”, and then to continue with what they ordered in Migrations.

“I think it was for protection, to avoid crowding. He does not have a key to enter Flores, ”he said.

Mother too He stressed that the young man “has no symptoms of illness”, although he said that his neighbors “are terrified” by everything that is happening.

Yesterday, after being delayed in Panamericana, the young man had given two different versions before the press: “I come from my home”, He responded first to the cameras from inside his dark green Ford Explorer truck, after being braked.

Then he changed his sayings: “I come on vacation, dear. Where are you going? To Miami? I can’t go to Miami, I have to get the car and go to Brazil ”, he replied arrogantly to a journalist. And he continued: “I left on the 8th [de marzo], my vacation started quietly. This quilombo was unleashed and I decided to return because I cannot be in another country in a world catastrophe. ”