The Supreme Court has confirmed that RTVE must disclose the salaries of its managers. It is the end of a legal process that started in 2016, when a citizen requested in writing that the salary of all the directors and deputy directors of the Corporation in the years 2014 and 2015 be disclosed.


Now, the Third Section of the Administrative Litigation Chamber has confirmed the resolution of the Transparency and Good Governance Council of March 15, 2017, which forced CRTVE to publish the payrolls on the understanding that « the general interest » prevails and that salary is not a specially protected data, according to Europa Press.

The room understands that the Transparency and Good Governance Council concluded in a « reasoned and reasonable manner that gives priority to the general interest of citizens to know the remuneration of CRTVE management personnel », as it is a commercial company with 100% public participation and financed from the General State Budgets (PGE).

In his day, CRTVE rejected the request for not being able to verify the identity of the applicant, who had not provided either an original or a copy of the DNI when presenting it. The Transparency and Good Governance Council rejected the cause of inadmissibility on the grounds that the omission was rectifiable and urged CRTVE to deliver the requested information within 10 days.

This decision was confirmed by a Contentious-Administrative court and, later, by the National Court, which understood that the annual remuneration was not specially protected personal data, so it was appropriate to disclose the requested information in order to guarantee the transparency and objectivity in the public sphere.

Now, the Supreme Court has dismissed CRTVE’s appeal against the appealed judgment in which, on the one hand, it alleged an infringement of article 15 on protection of personal data of the Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance Law, and, on the other hand, helplessness.