The Suicide Squad: John Cena already saw the movie and thinks we’re not ready

It won’t be long before James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is released. After the undisputed disaster that was the previous film about this team, expectations are through the roof, especially for the work that the director has done at Marvel. Everyone is convinced that the director is going to take away the bad taste in our mouths that the first film left us. The trailers that have been released have done nothing more than convince fans that this is a very special movie.

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There is another thing that has been raising the expectations of the public and these are the actors who have already seen the movie and have given their opinion on it. So far, Joel Kinnaman, Storm Reid and Mayling ng. The reality is that being people who appear in the same film, what they say can be considered as biased judgments. It is obvious that they are not going to be objective, but it is true that when the films are very bad, the actors usually do not hesitate to admit it.

Now another actor has given his opinion. In this case it is John Cena himself, who in the film plays Peacemaker. The actor spoke to Comic Book. They told him they wanted to hear his review of the movie. The actor and former wrestler was as concise as possible. He simply said:

They are not ready.

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The reality is that the previous comments in the background have the same idea. We are not ready for the movie that James Gunn going to show the world in August. Actually, Storm reid basically said the same thing:

HEY EVERYONE! I just saw a screening of the new Suicide Squad movie, and they’re not ready! James Gunn, you’re a genius

On the other hand, Ng said a little more about what he thought of this tape:

You may or may not have seen a screening of Suicide Squad and … you have to see this in the theater, on the biggest screen you can find and … hold on tight. I think I actually forgot to breathe at one point, holding my breath for so long that I was dizzy! James Gunn … Legend.

On the other hand, Joel kinnaman was less succinct when he said the following about his experience watching that movie:

It takes everything to another level. It’s a crazy movie. At the same time, it’s just the movie that I thought it was going to be because the vision was so clear from the beginning. When we were shooting it, it was very clear what we were doing. It is very entertaining. Of course I am undoubtedly biased, but I found it to be one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. From A to Z the rhythm is very good, it has a great drive and a good comic sense. It is fun all the time without any effort. But I think that what really surprised me … what struck me is how well it flows, but also how he was able to create these little bubbles, these little moments of emotional depth, and this visual and emotional poetry. I feel like it really transcended the genre and became something bigger. But it is also very absurd and ridiculous in many ways and extremely violent. It’s almost gore at times. It has disturbing moments, but also very funny. At the end of the movie, it is completely normal to see this giant shark just standing and nibbling on a human head, and some of the people just having a conversation alongside him. When you’ve been on The Suicide Squad for an hour and fifty minutes, that’s going to feel completely normal. It is so irreverent.

We can only wait a bit for it to be released and see if it will blow our minds as they have said so far. It is possible that it does. We are talking about Gunn after all.

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