The Suicide Squad: James Gunn made his team believe that Idris Elba was going to play Vigilante – Tomatazos

The character of Idris Elba in The Suicide Squad has given a lot to talk about. Earlier this week he caused quite a controversy when it was revealed that he is in jail for shooting Superman with a kryptonia bullet. What shocked some people was the fact that the hero ended up in the hospital with some possibility of leaving this world. People who got upset about it most likely didn’t know that the Bloodsport from the comics does just that too.

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It must be said that that is not the only reason why this character has caused a stir. You have to remember that originally Elba was not going to play Bloodsport. His character was to be Deadshot. This changed because the studio decided they wanted to leave open the possibility of Will Smith returning to that role. Therefore, it had to be rewritten to be a different character from DC. It must be said that they chose a rather interesting one. The thing is, that wasn’t immediately revealed. It took a while for us to know who he was playing.

The interesting thing is that James Gunn has now revealed that the same members of his crew had no idea who the English actor was playing either. It all started with an innocent question on Twitter about the techniques used by the director so that no information from the film was leaked:

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I realize that you most likely won’t see this, but I have wondered if you filmed alternate scenes of the deaths of any of the characters to prevent the leakers, or even the cast, from guessing the actual direction of the narrative.

He answered no to that question, but added some interesting information that the one who asked that question was probably not expected. To begin with in the script and on set it was said that his character was Vigilante:

To prevent Idris Elba’s character from leaking off set, we called him Vigilante in the script and on the back of his chair. We kept it so well a secret that when we were a week away from filming the production designer, Beth Mickle, said, ‘wait, he’s not Vigilante’?

For those who do not know, Vigilante is a name that several DC characters have used over the years. The most famous of this is Adrian Chase. That version of the character is an antihero who seeks justice in his own hand, but using non-lethal weaponry, although over time he became more unstable and violent. Precisely that version of the character will appear in the Peacemaker series that is preparing the direct as he himself mentioned:

And to make it even weirder, the DC Vigilante character is one of the protagonists of my Peacemaker series.

This makes us think that this name was not random. It was a quick way to hide the identity of the character, using the name of another character that he was going to use for another project.

In addition to this, in that same thread he revealed, as part of the reply to the original tweet, that some members of the cast barely found out about the ending because they were given complete scripts:

Also, some members of the cast so far saw the end of the movie for the first time (or have not seen it yet), due to the fact that most of them only received the script to the point where their characters die.

It is clear to us that this was another strategy to avoid leaks. Not only that, by revealing this, Gunn is confirming something he had already said; that many of the characters in the film are going to die.

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