SetApp is a subscription service that allows us enjoy high-quality apps in exchange for a single monthly payment. Until now the service was only available on our Mac but today the company announced its arrival on the iPhone and iPad.

Click, QR and use the app, that easy

The operation of SetApp is very simple. If we are already users of the service, with its app installed on our Mac, adding an app for the iPhone or iPad is very easy. We simply touch the iOS App button and after adding a new authorized device the first time, we scan a QR code to download the app. A second QR code gives us access to the full functions of the app without having to subscribe in the same.

For a long time iOS apps have been one of the demands that the service has received the most, as Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and founder of Setapp, has put it:

Adding iOS apps to Setapp has been one of the most popular requests since we launched Setapp more than three years ago. Today we are excited to offer the option for people to use their favorite apps, wherever they go on their mobile devices. We look forward to the new opportunities this provides to improve productivity and get the job done.

Adding an authorized device implies a monthly payment of 4.99 euros in addition to the 9.99 euros of the cost of the subscription to SetApp. The truth is that with the prices of some subscriptions for certain apps in the App Store, these 15 euros per month can be amortized quite comfortably depending on how we use it.

For now, the initial catalog of apps available for iOS includes some as recognized as Ulysses, Paste, 2Do, Gemini Photos, Taskheat, SQLPro Studio, PDF Search or Mind Node.

Right now that the United States Congress is evaluating the issue of subscriptions in the App Store, this service could not come at a better time. Obviously, it will be very useful for current and future users of the service, but it also shows very interesting new business models around the App Store.

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