These days music has been a fundamental part of not going crazy while daily we read new news about the pandemic worldwide by the coronavirus. Since all this began, many musicians have done everything to keep us positive in the situation we live in, some playing from the comfort of their homes or others showing music fresh from the oven, but One of the bands that did not delay the release of their new album was The Strokes.

Just a few days away from releasing her sixth studio album, The New Abnormal, The New York band has decided to release a completely unpublished song of this new record material which is called “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus” and that it has all this new sound wave that Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr., Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti have shown us with singles like “Bad Decisions” and “At The Door”.

Now they do seem: The Strokes launches the new song and video for “Bad Decisions”

This track – as well as the other previous cuts – pushes the classic sound of The Strokes into new territory. The band had already played 80s synth pop on Comedown Machine, however We are sure that we had never heard the musical influence of that time as present as in this single. Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus opens with a frenzied and choppy nervous synthesizer, which reminds us a lot of the sound of The Voidz, Casablancas’ alternative project.

As the song progresses processed guitar riffs are added to it, but that when you get to the choir shows us again those powerful guitars that characterize the band so much Y closing with a great mix between both sounds. It feels like old Strokes hugging new ones.

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The lyrics are ironic for these complex moments we are living, because in it Julian sings about the conflict of maintaining a social life and at the same time staying home (You know, like when you are invited to a party and you say you will go but you prefer to do something in the comfort of your home) but that right now can come to sound even nostalgic, with the world in social isolation by COVID-19.

Remember that The New Abnormal will be available this Friday, April 10 across all digital platforms. But while that day comes, stop what you are doing, hit the volume and Start this week by listening to “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus”, the newest from The Strokes: