The striking reaction of Javier Aroca upon receiving his dismissal letter live on TVE

Javier Aroca on the set of ‘Las cosas clear’ (Photo: TVE)

Sad morning for Jesús Cintora and for his team of Las things clear, the morning that he has presented on TVE for eight months.

The journalist said goodbye thanking the audience and his team, who praised his “enormous talent”: “No one has come to be my cousin, not my girlfriend, not my sister. Here people come for their talent ”.

Farewells and surreal moments have been happening all morning, like the one in which the journalist Javier Aroca has starred. In the middle of the program, the tertullian has shown his letter of dismissal from the public entity and has not been able to avoid laughing.

“You have news, you have received a role,” said Cintora jokingly. “Yes, I have received a paper,” Aroca replied. “Can you see the paper?” Asked the presenter.

“No, they have fired me. Like every day. Here is my contract and my dismissal. It makes me laugh because those of us who come here surely sometimes receive some kind of missive, even doubting our vow of poverty, because they will think that here we earn a fortune and we are already insured. This is not a revolving door. Here we come and when we come they give you the paper and see you later Lucas ”, the journalist said between laughter.

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