The League knows how much will be at stake, beyond the League title, a European place or relegation, when the ball rolls again from the weekend of June 13-14 and that is why it has established very sanitary rules strict for parties.

05/26/2020 at 10:01


The League has adjusted the protocol it had already developed, incorporating some detail after verifying the experience of the Bundesliga, the first to compete again. These are small details to polish a standard that was already, in itself, very strict.


Following a certain chronological order, the protocol of the matches will start 48 hours before its start, when the footballers who must travel will undergo the required tests. Those who could test positive at that time or during the game will isolate themselves to pass the quarantine.

At the same time, the clubs will have to inform the League in a detailed way about how they will carry out the journey to the stadium. If it’s a move to another city, will report what means of transport they use (train, road or plane); are scheduled to travel in flights or charter trains the same day of the meeting.


For the days that they play as a local, the clubs will inform if the players leave from a place of concentration or arrive from their private homes to jointly move to the stadium.

The League has also worked to ensure that teams have, if necessary for reasons of displacement or routine, exclusive concentration hotels for the team and without risk of contagion for the hours before the matches.

For the trip to the stadium, each squad will be distributed on two buses in order to maintain the health safety distances inside and, as already mentioned, the club will report whether the footballers come from a concentration hotel or from their private homes.

At the entrance to the stadium, the temperature will be taken for all people that they are authorized to be in the three different zones (see box).

In the case of the players and coaching staff, they will go straight to the locker room without crossing anyone; In this sense, the local club must enable open and unobstructed routes for the movement of footballers to the field of play.


Prolegomena of matches limited: There will be no greeting between teams or with the referee team or a photo of the lineup and the field draw will be reduced to the minimum. In theory, there will be no handrails between the teams, which must arrive separately at the field of play, nor can the goals be celebrated jointly, although it has already been seen in the Bundesliga that this last point has been difficult to maintain.

The main contribution to the protocol after seeing the experience in Germany will be the disinfection of the balls during game time. When they leave the field, they will be exchanged for another one that has already been disinfected and the ball boys will immediately sanitize it so that it is once again available to footballers.


As for the peculiarities of the League, they are marked above all by the weather and the need to play in the summer. So, in addition to allowing up to five changes per team, there may be stops to rehydrate.

And after assuming that teams will play every 72 hours, time slots have been studied so that in the areas where the heat is most pressing -center, south and east- it is preferably played in the evening hours -beginning between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.- while in the north zone the matches could be played from 19:30 or 20:00 on weekdays, and at 17:00 and 19:30 on weekends.

On the other hand, the teams must completely change their clothing at rest and at the end of the matches the two uniforms will be deposited in a container so that all the material is disinfected.


The protocol establishes three zones in the stadiums during the match dispute. 94 people may be in the verde green zone ’: 46 footballers -23 can be called instead of 18- technical staff, doctors, physios, utilleros and referee team. The VAR is maintained and the VOR rooms in Las Rozas have been adapted to the sanitary protocol.

The azul blue zone ’ It is the one of the stands and the interior of the facility, and in it will be the authorized representatives of each club and the necessary personnel for the match to take place. Includes from the ball boys to the audiovisual technical personnel. Interviews and the Mixed Zone become telematic, with a minimal presence from the media.

In the Outer Zone, the outskirts of the stadium, there may be a maximum of 32 people and the usual catering facilities, merchandising or in the case of Barça, for example, the Museum, will not be open, either in the hours before or during the event.