The strangest legends about famous cartoons | INSTAGRAM

Most of them had a normal childhood, full of cartoon series as well as movies, however, we were still too young to understand some situations that were lived in these stories « for children ».

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Seeing them today, we realize how really innocent we were, and we managed to understand why our parents or guardians tried to take us off the television all the time, and that there are various stories of cute characters, protagonists of fun adventures, however, many of them range from rare to extremely disturbing.

First on the list are the charming and endearing Smurfs, these tiny blue beings who spent their day running away from Gargamel. Urban legend says that their white hats represented the fearsome Ku Klux Klan. And that the villain represented the Jews: greedy, old and with a pointed nose. Finally, Azrael, Gargamel’s cat, has the same name as the Jewish Angel of Death. What makes them a racist town.

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We all know Tom and Jerry, they first appeared in 1940, in the middle of World War II, in those years everyone knew that English soldiers were called « Tommies » and the Germans « Jerries ». Could it be that this mouse was actually a Nazi who wanted to show that he was smarter than the English?

For their part, the Teddy Bears were related to voodoo. Since some of the iconic insignia they carry on their bellies resemble symbols of the voodoo gods.

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Another character listed is nothing more and nothing less than the famous Donald Duck, as mentioned, his erratic and neurotic behavior is due to his participation in World War II, rumors indicate that this duck hallucinates and has regressions to the war, for that is half crazy and has such a bad character.

This left us frozen, and it is sad to see how the people of Pixar have our childhood in their hands. In Toy Story 3, the scene where toys are about to be burned was the fine line between sanity and madness for many of us. Various users believe that this film is an allegory of the holocaust and the concentration camps. Kindergarten is supposed to be a field where toys that « serve » are forced to work, and toys that are not sent to the trash, where there is a giant oven by chance.

We could not fail to mention the most famous legend on the internet, Hello Kitty, designer Ikaka Shimizu was supposed to have a daughter with oral cancer in 1974. In order to heal her, she made a pact with the devil, she is supposed to design a famous mouthless cat that would sell millions in exchange for the little girl’s health.