The strange case of blue and green dogs causing a stir in Russia

Animal Rights activists took care of this strange case and determined that the dogs are not in danger

| 02/23/2021 | ionicons-v5-c16: 08 | – Patricia Agüero |

Russia.- Through social networks the images of various dogs that looked blue were disseminated, Internet users quickly believed that it was a bad work or worse, a case of animal abuseHowever, the story behind is far from these assumptions.

It was the local Russian media who shared the first images of these blue dogs who were in the Russian region of DzerzhinskThere are even others that were captured in a rare green color.

The best theory to justify the color of these dogs is that they entered an abandoned chemical factory and there they could get dirty with chemical residues that caused the colors blue and green.

According to the Russian agency Interfax, the company Dzerzhinskoye Plexiglas, owner of the land, went bankrupt in 2015, so it has looked abandoned since then.

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The former manager of the chemicals plant explained that « stray dogs often roam near the abandoned factory buildings that still store chemicals such as copper sulphate« , used in the disinfection of swimming pools.

Doctors from a veterinary hospital in Dzerzhinsk determined after a preliminary visual examination that the dogs were in satisfactory condition.

Even so, they confirmed that they would visit the abandoned factory facilities to check the dogs that were pigmented blue, presumably by the copper sulphate, and they will determine if they are safe to return to their habitat.

For the former factory manager, this is more of a joke.

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