The story of two girls on the subway and 23 other viral tweets this week

A woman looks at her cell phone. (Photo: Westend61 via . / Westend61)

The comment from one girl to another on the subway that we love, the way to place the PEZ candies that will change a part of your childhood memories or a tweet with a single emoticon from Simone Biles are some of the most viral Twitter posts This week.

“It would be cool if in the Olympics they put a normal person next to the Olympians (like swimming in an adjoining corridor etc) to be able to have a scale of how crazy what they are doing,” commented a tweeter about the Olympic Games. In something else were the students, who have complained that “if it is so self-enrolled, let it be done by itself.”

These are the most viral tweets we have come across this week:

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