The story of the woman who survived the Miami-Dade building collapse thanks to a soccer game

The woman had thought of going to sleep in her brother-in-law’s apartment.

Photo: Joe Raedle / .

As the hours go by, little by little more details and information about the tragedy that occurred in Miami-Dade, where in the early morning of Thursday June 24 the partial collapse of a building occurred.

So far, there are 4 dead people, 159 missing and dozens of wounded, without much detail regarding the identity of the victims.

But also, little by little, amazing stories of the tragedy are coming to light, such as that of a woman named Patricia Avilez, who, thanks to a soccer game, managed to save her life.

It turns out that Patricia’s brother-in-law lived in one of the apartments in the Champlain Towers wing that precisely collapsed.

Avilez’s brother-in-law is usually absent from his home for work reasons, so Patricia was in charge of going to the apartment repeatedly to collect her mail and see that everything was in order while the man returned home.

On Wednesday night, Patricia would go to her brother-in-law’s house. to see the subject of the mail and even, She was tempted to ask her brother-in-law to let her sleep in the apartment. Well, I would go very late; However, the woman did not do any of that, because He stayed at home watching a soccer game until late at night, so he decided not to go out anymore and instead take a walk around the building early Thursday morning.

Patricia woke up at 5:30 in the morning the next day and headed to the Champlain Towers. Just on the way, while listening to the radio, he learned of the collapse of the building.

Avilez arrived at the scene of the tragedy and could not believe what his eyes were looking at. Finally, the woman said she was grateful to God for having decided to stay home as this allows her to stay alive.

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