Rebeca Godoy is a 34-year-old Sonoran woman. She is a mother of a family and for the past three and a half years, she has been in a constant battle against breast cancer. Now, thanks to her great courage and strength, she has caught the attention of Sia, the Australian singer and songwriter.

After a large number of chemotherapies that he underwent for years seeking to regain his health, Rebeca decided to end the treatment to seek quality of life in the coming months (according to his doctors).

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Once the decision was made, Rebeca Godoy set about writing her wish list to fulfill. This he did in a video in which he explains the four stages through which he has gone through these years. On her list, one of the wishes included Sia’s name. Rebeca asked him to record one of his songs and monetize it so that he could donate the proceeds to breast cancer research.

In the video Rebeca says: I want to record a song! I’m going to record a song from SIA, which is my favorite singer. It will be a piano and voice solo. My intention is to ask permission from SIA, this super famous Australian artist (people have to help me, this does help). I want to ask her to let us upload it to Freddy’s YouTube account (her partner and future husband) to be able to monetize it. Hopefully many people will see it and many will have to see it because I would like what is monetized from this video to donate to breast cancer research ”.

Listen to Rebecca’s wish at 16:23.

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Well guess what … the plebes did help and made Sia find out about this request. They shared their video and tagged both Sia and her manager. In just a few days, the internet did its thing and the Australian answered Rebecca with these words:

Rebecca Godoy, you have my blessing to record and try to monetize any of my songs. I’m sorry you’re going through this, I guess in this case I love you. Go when you need it. ” With those words, Sia told Rebecca to tune her throat because she had all the permissions to do with any song, not just one, whatever she wanted.

Sia’s response is important to Rebecca, because broke into tears of happiness and thanked him. Here we can see the video in which he exposes his absolute emotion upon learning that Sia heard his wish and allowed him to fulfill it.

Faced with Rebeca’s reaction in expressing her feelings and thanking the singer, Sia also took a minute to write to him again. “It is my absolute honor. I send you and your family a lot of love ”.

Now with Sia’s blessing, Rebecca already has her number five wish within days of being fulfilled (in fact, she’s already started with the costumes). This is a song that would be beautiful to hear when you fulfill your number three wish: to get married. The best thing is that her partner Freddy has already proposed to her and they will get married this July 17.

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