By: Emmanuel Gutiérrez

Everybody knows Bob Geldof as a successful businessman, organizer of charity events, 70s musician with average talent, as an actor playing the Pink character in the film The Wall by Pink Floyd, as an English Knight and as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, which has never come true, that is, a whole box of monerías.

Mr. Geldof is also known for not being the friendliest behind the scenes, he is compulsive and nervous, but he is the author of the millionaire idea of ​​organizing a July 2, 2005 Live 8, a music festival held at par in Rome, London, Philadelphia, Berlin, Cornwall, Toronto, Tokyo, Moscow, Johannesburg and Paris to draw attention to the G8 Group where top leaders came together to discuss the future of the planet.

But beyond that, the concert is remembered for having brought together the four living members (back then) of Pink floyd with a presentation where various successes appeared. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright They stood on stage together when no one thought they could see the four of them live in a performance.

Geldof’s idea came from the Live Aid of 1985, after making the request to each member, Roger Waters screamed and said he would not play with them after separating. The only one who could have been there was David Gilmour, who participated as guitarist for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music.

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But as time heals everything, the fights and egos of the members calmed down. Bob took advantage of the friendship he made with everyone during the filming of The Wall; So that Waters and Gilmour could step on the same stage 24 years later, he told them that they could freely work on the songs they would play and the duration of the show. Plus, they loved the idea of ​​raising funds for a good cause.

Despite this, they could not agree on the setlist. The first did not want to play songs in which he had not participated, while David refused to interpret ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part II’ and other songs that did not have to do with the soul of the band, such as any track from ‘The Final Cut ‘.

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“If other artists want to donate their additional profits to charities, perhaps record companies can be persuaded to make a similar gesture. This is money that must be used to save lives, “said David Gilmour.

The announcement of the Pink Floyd reunion made the presentations of Paul McCartney, The Who, Elton John, Madonna, REM, U2, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Brain Wilson, among others will come to the background and they were not remembered beyond a simple participation, although some had a setlist of songs and performances worthy of being legendary. No one knows the actual number of fans that gathered in front of the stage, but you could see a sea of ​​people throughout Hyde Park.

Geldof had to step in to get everyone to agree on a 20-minute song list; It was as well as ‘Breathe / Breathe Reprise’, ‘Money’, ‘Wish You Wer Here’, with a dedication to the fifth element called Syd Barrett and finally, ‘Comfortably Numb’ paraded in London as some beautiful pink pigs flew around the stage, a show that would never again be repeated after Wright’s death in September 2008.

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Some time later, a promoter came up with the millionaire idea of ​​getting them together and putting a check with several zeros on the table. At that time, all the members were billionaires and did not want to know anything about concerts or presentations, so the answer was: ‘Right now not young’.

Perhaps Geldof is not the most beloved person in the art world, he has several scandals in life with Michael Hutchence from INXS, Paula Yates and his daughter Peaches, they all went to a better world, but that’s another story. Still, Sir Bob accomplished something that neither the dollars, nor the influences, nor the wives of the Pink Floyd members could do: gather the band for a small concert.