The story behind the origin of the Christmas lights

The Christmas lights They are, par excellence, the icon of Christmas worldwide, and it is these bright lights, usually of multiple colors, that illuminate the tree, doors, windows, gardens and canopies of homes throughout the season.

What is the history of Christmas lights?

Like so many electrical things, the story of Christmas lights begins with Thomas alva edison one year after the incandescent light bulb was invented.

According to the Library of Congress, during the Christmas season of 1880 the first lines of electric lights were placed outside the inventor’s laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey and were admired by all commuters on the train that passed through the area.

However, this was only the beginning, as the current tradition of hanging lights everywhere at Christmas came several years later.

In 1882, Edward H. JohnsonA friend of Edison’s and a partner in Edison’s Illumination, he assembled the first row of Christmas tree lights after noting that families suffered numerous accidents and fires with the candles they used for decoration and lighting.

Johnson hand-connected 80 red, white and blue bulbs and tangled them around his little tree, which was also spinning.

According to reports, it took more than 40 years for people to have confidence in electricity and lights as decorations.

President Grover Cleveland is said to have spurred the acceptance and use of electric lights indoors in 1895 when he and his family lit up the White House with hundreds of colored light bulbs.

On Christmas 1923, President Calvin Coolidge began the tradition we now know by lighting the National Christmas Tree with more than 3,000 electric lights south of the White House.

Costs and first companies of Christmas lights

It was not until 1903 that the General Electric Company began offering pre-assembled series of Christmas lights, which were reserved for the wealthiest and most knowledgeable about electricity in the United States.

A light wiring required the services of an electrician and cost more than $ 2,000 dollars today.

In 1917, the Sadacca family introduced Christmas lights to their lighting services and during the 1920s, Albert Sadacca and his brothers created the National Garment Manufacturers Association (NOMA) which quickly became the NOMA Electric Co., which dominated the holiday light industry until 1960.

Christmas lights today

Smithsonian Magazine points out that in the United States, each Christmas season, more than 150 million sets of lights are sold plus the millions that are saved at the end of the season.

About 80 million homes consume these lights in the country alone and use six percent of the US electrical load each December.

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